Monday, June 23, 2014

6th annual flag day at Quince

every year we use Flag Day as an excuse to eat a fancy pants dinner. originally we had reservations for Coi, however found ourselves lacking in excitement so we changed our minds last minute. luckily we were able to find reservations for another two Michelin starred restaurant within a weeks time. this year's dinner was at Quince, where i've dined before but was still very excited to experience again. we opted for the full tasting menu and it was awesome!

which tasted like a super glorified mozzarella stick

stuzzichini de benvenuto
meaning appetizers or small bites. 

buttermilk something or other with popcorn
simple in taste. i love popcorn so the inclusion in any dish is a win for me.

house smoked salmon on squash chip
not too smokey or salty. a nice bite.

cannot remember but it's some sort of crisp chip with pickled strawberry
i've been seeing this type of crisp around lately and i like it. reminds me of shrimp chips you see on this particular chinese dish with chicken but obviously this is not a shrimp chip. i digs it.

razor clam on a chip
LOVE razor clams and you rarely see it in the Bay Area. this was awesome!

melon gazpacho with watermelon wrapped in proscuitto
light. smooth. refreshing.

hawaiian bonito, cherry tomato, seaweed, lemon cucumber
my least favorite dish of the night, but still pretty good. nicely cured fish with tomatoes that had a super enhanced flavor. i can't tell if they did something to it or if they're just exceptionally ripe tomatoes.

bread service

white asparagus, morel mushroom, spring garlic, vin jaune
favorite dish of the night! holy cow who knew that a vegetarian dish could ever be theeee best dish? the asparagus was cooked nicely, the spring garlic puree was crazy flavorful, as was the morel sauce. and morels are my favorite mushroom, so that was a perfect component to the dish for me. my only qualm with the dish is that it looks so phalic. they could've cut the asparagus at a slant and it would've been even better.

"tortelli alla cecilia chiang" caviar, smoked sturgeon, shallots
non-fishy caviar with light filling. who would've ever thought to put fried shallots with caviar? they seem at opposite ends of the spectrum but worked so well together. i looooved this!
tagliolini e oro, cocoa, japanese surf clam, melon
i don't think the gold flakes were necessary for this dish but it was super tasty. i happily slurped this up.

suckling pig tortellini, parmigiano reggiano fonduta
you'd be amazed at how pungent (in a positive way) the suckling pig could be coming from pasta pieces the size of a nickel. this was also super creamy and verrrrrrry cheesy.

four story hill farms poussin, rainier cherry, sicilian pistachio, corn
i am not typically impressed with fowl dishes but this was pretty great. the poussin itself was super moist and seasoned well with a very crisp skn. the corn in the center reminded me of the corn you get as a side at Chili's but a more refined and more savory version. 

andante's minuet cheese, plum, buckwheat honey, chevril 
yum! love cheese. served with two types of bread.

this dish was a palate cleanser and wasn't a part of the official menu but it was one of my favorite bites of the night. it was refreshing yet creamy. the meringue type thing tasted like champagne!

middleton farms berries, yogurt, maras des bois, valrhona opalys
a simple dish. under the cream was sort of a berry crumble with cooked berries and a crunchy top. twas delicious (i could probably eat it all day long) however i expect a little more from a restaurant of this caliber. that little tiny strawberry, on the other hand, was sort of amazing. it was the size of my pinky fingernail but packed so much punch it was sort of astonishing, really. 


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