Thursday, May 31, 2012

151:365 Giants vs. the who again??

151:365 Giants vs. the who again??

went to the Giants game last night. 

headed to the city solo on Caltrain. you can drink on that train so naturally i grabbed whatever i had. vodka and diet coke in an old peanut butter jar. you know me, always keepin it classy!!

had some drinks at Lucky Strike

Augs, me, Kris and Muri

Erich, Ceaze, Muri, Darrell, Karl, me, Fern and Augs

Kris had to catch up so here she is with too much jameson

ran into Martin at the game! love this fool!!

and Nina!! love her more!! haha, just kidding BD, just kidding!!

at some point i got the crazy crab sandwich, which when you've been drinking, is exceptionally good and well worth $16.

ha! Kris and i...and Darrell

then things got a little weird with me and a bobble....

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

memorial day bbq and steph visits!

a few weeks ago Nick suggested that we (our awesome coworkers) have a bbq rather than do the usually happy hour. on most weekends it'd be impossible to have everybody we wanted there off of work. see, when you work in a hospital coverage is necessary 24 hrs of the day so it's hard to have everybody off work at the same time. luckily it worked out that most people were off of work on Memorial Day, so we quickly researched parks and threw together a plan of action. 

Tony!!! one of the guys i spent two years with carpooling to x-ray school and whom i also spent with at my clinical sites. this guy is awesome and i miss his humor. but he tells me that if we worked together i would hate him. so maybe it's better you stay at the VA, Tone. haha! 

myself, Muri and Uyen

Muri is notorious for forcing alcohol upon people. all day long jameson shots were poured. amongst about ten or twelve people five bottles and a handle of jameson were killed. needless to say we were ALL pretty faded by the time the bbq was done. 

Steven, Uyen, Edgar, Jess, Natasha, Abe, Karl, Muri, myself, Tan, Tony. unfortunately i didn't get pictures of Hong with his family and Mike.

the little cute family! Alyssa taught me some Nicki Minaj dance moves. haha. she's better than i am.

cheers to these two for coming to join us after having driven home from camping just before meeting us! Jess, you're funny. don't ever kiss my forehead ever again. haha!!

Nick, myself and Tony.

Natasha, sad because she's white and wishes she was Asian like the rest of us. she's our honorary asian.

Natasha and Muri are so gay for each other. i think Natasha loves me, but lusts Muri. haha!! it's okay, at the end of the day she's going to be coming home with me....literally!! she's my future roomie! 

Ruby, Ian and Chris made it later in the day. Chris is not pictured because he's probably catching up getting hammered.

this whole bbq was his idea. i just offered myself to reserve the picnic table. so thanks, Nick, for the bbq! it was lots of fun!

as for my hair, it looks like i took a cue from Donald Trump with that combover.

at this point everybody was all sorts of drunk. and see what i mean about Natasha and Muri lusting each other? 


some time during the bbq my friend Steph said she was going to come and visit. she lives over an hour away now, so i rarely get to see her. after the bbq i rushed home to meet her and her husband, Eddie. Kris came to join because she, too, never gets to see Steph. still sort of  hella drunk from the bbq, i was a horrible host. i stayed up and talked to them for all of 45 minutes before falling asleep on the couch. whoops! good thing i know she loves me and won't hold it against me!! 

love you, Steph!!

okay for a moment i wondered why the F my hand was on Eddie's abdomen. then i noticed that it was a giant hand compared to my own. whew, so i'm going to infer that that's Eddie's own hand on his abdomen. haha.

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

150:365 guess who bought a car

150:365 guess who bought a car

i traded in my old crap Civic for a brand new Civic! and before you knock me for not buying a "better," more expensive car (i'm talking to you, Tone!), know that i just want a car that gets me from point A to point B. my old Civic lasted me 14 years and 230,000 miles, so clearly Honda has treated me well regardless of how crappy i've treated it. plus, i wanted a car that was under 20k. 

i'm super happy with my choice. i promise to take better care of this car. i might actually end up washing it here and there and actually getting oil changes as often as i'm supposed to. we're gonna have a long life together!

getting dorky with it. because, why not?

the blooper shot

149:365 how to effectively reserve a picnic table

149:365 how to effectively reserve a picnic table

yesterday my coworkers friends and i had a bbq. being that it was memorial day, a popular bbqing day, i knew someone had to go to the park early to save a table with a grill. i volunteered myself because i wanted to ensure that we'd have a good place to bbq. i'd hate if we all went to the park with the intentions of having a place to hang only to park hop and try to figure it out. 

how to effectively reserve a picnic table

1. get to the park crazy early. let's say 7am
2. scope the best spot and tie down tablecloths to the tables you're reserving
(these were actually hospital sheets. don't judge me! they were free and throw-away-able!)
3. lay the comfiest, most warm sleeping bag you've got on the top of a picnic table along with a pillow
4. make sure you've got your sweatshirt on. oh, and get out your Northface jacket while you're at it. yeah, the one with two layers.
5. hop into said warm comfy sleeping bag 
6. cover yourself fully and zip sleeping bag all the way up. also, tuck the top part under your pillow so no wind/cold air can creep in. the wind tickles and it's not that fun.
7. sleep for as long as you can or until you realize there are people around who probably think you're homeless or a creepster. this is likely going to be around 9am.
8. hang out until some of your party comes to keep you company

big thanks to Darrick for coming to keep me company at 9am when you weren't even staying for the bbq. but no thanks for freaking me out by saying my name all quietly while i was in my cave. haha jk!

i wondered if anybody realized there was a human being in the sleeping bag on a picnic table. then Darrick told me that he saw someone take a pic of me, so i guess so. maybe i'll end up on the internet somewhere.

148:365 greeted with love

148:365 greeted with love

i am getting too old to be out until 3am on a night before having work at 8am. saturday night, i got a whopping three hours of sleep before having to head into work sunday morning. 

Ritual Coffee, thanks for greeting me with love on this early sunday morning!

147:365 are you sick of dog pictures yet?

147:365 are you sick of dog pictures yet?

on the far corner is Tuki, my god dog (haha). and that shaggy fellow you see is Waggly. say that five times! it's an awkward sounding name. actually, say it once and it's already hard. in fact, Libby kept calling him "Waggy," but she's sort of fobby like that. Waggly is my brother's dog and i was dog sitting, so i brought him over for a play date. for the most part they just ignored each other. 

Karl's birthday

happy birthday Karl!!! 

we went to Irish bar, Durty Nelly's, for his midnight shot. jameson all around. initially i put an exclamation point after that sentence but retracted it because jameson tastes gross. good times this night though! 

because Muri's boobs were out that night.

roomie! this is a horrid photo of me.

making Rum Fires. oh so very good! they tasted like fruit roll-ups! and were even better, as they were free.99!

can we focus on the fisherman's hat that guy is wearing? i haven't seen one of those since they were "cool" in like...middle school. 

Saturday, May 26, 2012

146:365 the only man sleeping in my bed

146:365 the only man sleeping in my bed this guy, Waggly. he's my brother/his gf's dog. i'm dog sitting just for a day so he'll be joining me in my bed. i have a lot of space on this cal. king bed, but naturally he took over my side. i'll let it slide just this once! clearly, he looks happy to be hanging out with me for a day...haha!

144:365 no ticket, no laundry

144:365 no ticket, no laundry

i realize the title to this holds some racial connotation dating back to days when the Chinese ran a majority of the laundry businesses. but then again i didn't say "no tickee, no laundry." anyway, my grandpa totally worked at a laundry in Chinatown, and i'm sure it's true. if you don't have a ticket, you won't be receiving your laundry.

can you believe i'm 28 and this is the first time i've ever gotten anything dry cleaned? the only reason why i'm even dry cleaning anything is because on two occasions sloppy drunk chicks have spilled drinks on my dresses. jerks. handle your liquor!

145:365 i love cycling

145:365 i love cycling

 after i did the Marin Century last year, i felt the need to stay off my bike for as long as possible. riding 100 miles in a saddle and ugly padded pants is sort of traumatizing. while the accomplishment of the ride was great, and riding in general is fun, 100 miles is not. 

 hopping on my bike for the first time in nearly a year made me realize how much i forgot that i love cycling. i can't wait to make cycling a habit once again.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

135:365 my nightmare

135:365 my nightmare

i didn't have a day 135 photo so i'm filling it in with this one. 

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

143:365 holy hell that's hot!

143:365 holy hell that's hot!!

holy shit this stuff is bananas! two drops and it feels like hell took over the real estate in my mouth! swiggin' almond milk to try and help the pain.

Tan had to ice his lips in order to not look like he'd been botoxed.

Napa day!!

meet Jon. he requested not to be in any photos in this blog but i refuse to oblige. i suckered him into taking a photo with me even though he tried to avoid it because i'm sneaky like that. he pretty much got forced into it....but for good reason, of course. he just graduated from law school so we took a day to head to Napa with the intentions of eating Thomas Keller's famous fried chicken at Ad Hoc to celebrate. let me preface the day by saying that we planned this fried chicken meal a couple months in advance. 

trying not to spoil our long awaited dinner, we wanted to go wine tasting while nibbling on something light for lunch. before our 5 o'clock dinner reservation, we went to the city of Fulton to partake in a wine and food pairing at Kendall Jackson, a beautiful winery. they also offer wine and cheese or wine and dessert pairings (from $20-$30). this wine/food pairing was sort of amazing. the food was really tasty and the offerings were awesome. for $30, i couldn't imagine a better way to spend a couple hours.  i would recommend going to Kendall Jackson to anybody who wishes to walk away from Sonoma with a great wine tasting experience. 

it was a beautiful day! perfect weather.

we opted for the food and wine pairing which includes seven wines and seven bites. i'm not much of a wine drinker, but "when in Rome," right? 

1st course

goat and sheeps milk cheese with a Sorrel sauce and pine nuts. served with sauvignon blanc.

house cured king salmon with pea puree and marcona almonds. served with chardonnay.

2nd course

mushroom arancini stuffed with truffle cheese, with a pinot noir aioli. served with pinot noir.

sweet tea brined pork belly slider with a syrah bbq sauce. served with syrah.

Korean style kobe beef lettuce wrap. served with cabernet.

3rd course

goat cheese cheesecake with lemon curd and almond and riesling oil brittle. with pineapple sage. served with riesling.

Mama Frischkorn's caramel corn. served with chardonnay.

after picking up some macaroons and other goodies from Bouchon Bakery, we headed to Ad Hoc for the long awaited fried chicken. having not eaten very much (those seven bites were not very big, i promise....or maybe i just have a giant stomach) throughout the day and saving our appetite, we were super excited to finally taste the ever so famous fried chicken. when we walked into the restaurant, i glanced at the day's menu and saw the word "brisket." my heart sank and i blurted out "so today isn't the.....huh?" and the hostess replied "no fried chicken is every other week." while it was saddening and disappointing, it was almost comical. we had planned this day for months prior and saved our stomachs for that very moment only to instantly lose interest in the food on the night's menu.*t happens, and we were sure the food would be good anyway. so brisket it was! 

if you aren't already aware, Ad Hoc is Thomas Keller's lowest end restaurant offering 4 course family style dinners for $52/person. it usually involves a salad, an entree course, a cheese course and a dessert. a damned good value if you ask me.

gem salad with blue cheese, apples and candied pecans.

potato salad with corn and arugula

smoked wagyu beef brisket and pulled pork sandwich. this brisket was SO good!! and the sandwich was super tasty too. the bread was perfectly toasted and buttery!

lamb chopper. stone fruit jam. black pepper flatbread. yum!! the sweet, salty and creamy was a perfect pairing.

"root beer float," which was root beer ice cream immersed in cream soda. the root beer ice cream was friggin awesome. super creamy and definitely tasted of root beer.

chocolate crackle cookies. looks like nothing special but they were perfectly moist and deeply chocolaty. i fell in love with these cookies. i've made them myself before but they were not nearly as spectacular as these!

though we didn't succeed in getting fried chicken, we definitely had a good dinner and a good day in general. Jon is a funny one and awesome company! and while i probably haven't seen him for liiiiiiike seven years, it's as if no time has passed. well, except that he's about to become a lawyer!

Jon, we'll get that fried chicken when you pass the BAR!!!