Tuesday, December 31, 2013

a celebration of friendship!

my friends mean the world to me. the world! and i am fortunate to say that i have a shit ton of them too. trust me when i say i don't take my friendships lightly. on the surface my main gauge for whether i consider someone an actual friend or not is if i would spend one on one time with you. on a deeper level i consider my friends to be people who i trust and who (if presented with one of life's difficulties) i could run to. what i mean to say is that i don't consider people i just 'shoot the shit' with my friends. those are acquaintances. friends are people who you can really share your lives with. the good, the bad and the ugly. they're your shoulder when you need one and your reason for laughter otherwise. 

for my 30th birthday i threw a dinner for my friends to celebrate my friendship with them. to say thanks for being awesome people in my life and for also being kick ass people in general. whether they were more prominent in my everyday life now or some time ago, all of these people have made a positive impact on who i am today and have provided me with 30 years of true friendship wealth. 

Friends, i appreciate the hell out of you all! you've filled my life with more laughter than anybody could ask for, more thoughtfulness than anybody needs, and more love than anybody deserves. i don't know what or who i would be without each and every one of your influences in my life. and if you are a significant other to one of my near and dear friends and you were there, i want you to know that you were invited because i actually like you (haha!) and that i see you as a positive other half for someone who i really care about. thanks for joining me, guys, i had a blast! and thanks for your donations too! we raised $997 for the Make A Wish Foundation!!

*Marjie, Lindsay and Trina, i wish you all could've made it but i know your brand new babies probably need you so i'll let it slide this time! Meiche, Pat, Adrian, Candice, Andy, Muri, Helen, Stefan, Jason, Jerilyn, Ron and Randy, i wish you all could've been there too! 

*this is an overly picture-centric entry and you are definitely going to get tired of seeing my face. don't say that i didn't warn you.

celebrate friends! i bought out the downstairs portion of Beretta for an evening loaded with grub, libations and laughter.

justin and natasha
roomies!!! except that Natty is actually not a roomie anymore. (insert sad face)

Eva, Steph, Leslie, Kim, Jax

Tone, Jeffie, Jen and Michelle
we're definitely going to get together for a Dine About Town dinner, guys! i miss you all!

Eric and Kim
dude, are your eyes open or are they just really chinese?

Ruby, Nick, Natty, Edgar, John, Fern

Jo and Brandon
awesome, awesome people!

Leslie, the prettiest foul mouthed surgeon!

Ize the beauty!

Nina and Martin
who are getting married this coming year! yay!!

Laura and Jeremy
my grandma calls her "LauLa" and i love it! my soon to be new sister! and my hilarious brother....who i didn't realize was hilarious until like college years. ha!

Darrick and Jason
my brother's closest friends but also my friends! 

Jeff, Libby, Eva, Jared
apparently we make a perfect V when we take pictures and i am the fifth wheel. all good. it wouldn't be complete without me, right? haha

Justin and Elsie
justin is a far better roommate than natasha and i are. he thoughtfully leaves us cookies, chocolate easter bunnies and christmas cards/gifts and all i've ever done is take his rent money. sorry!

i made dark chocolate hazelnut sea salt cookies to use as name tags for where people were going to sit for dinner. on the tags itself i stamped their name or nickname and on the back wrote a short personalized message for each person to say why i appreciate them or something along those lines.

in lieu of birthday gifts (because it's weird for me to celebrate my bday) i asked for donations to the Make-A-Wish Foundation. we raised just about $1000 so that there can be another Batkid or some kid can go to Disneyland or whatever their wish is could come true. 

italian meatballs

burrata with mushrooms and truffle honey

frito misto

blood orange and fennel salad

spicy italian pizza

proscuitto arugula pizza

hangar steak and broccolini 

mushroom risotto

Steph and Jax...
who said they put on makeup to be presentable just for me! haha

Ruby and Deya
it looks like my arm is suuuuuper long, huh? but thats ruby's hand.

Jinsun, Edgar, Natasha, Nick
hi friends!

Tan and Lorraine
together we make the "tripod!" 

Donny is the bartender at Beretta and also went to high school with a bunch of us.

my forever friends. my heart. the first people i run to, have the most laughs with, and have the most history with. i've known most of these girls since elementary school. 

totem pole

Ciara and Lia
we're missing you, Jerilyn! the Divas. 

Maria my love! 
one of the greatest, most genuine and also most loud people i know. haha

thumbs up for a successful night!

one of my best guy friends. he's all full of heart. 

found me a couple hot chicks!

former roomie!

aaaaaand my Special Friend! a favorite of mine!

thanks again, Friends!

Monday, December 30, 2013

secret santa

a bunch of friends and i had our annual secret santa gift exchange at Circa this year over brunch and bottomless mimosas. not a bad way to go. usually we do it at someone's house and it involves a huge potluck. but potlucks and gift wrap mean lots of cleanup. having it at a restaurant ensures pure fun with no mess to pick up afterward. good call on Augs and Zye for picking a private area at Circa to do secret santa this year! i scored exactly what i put on my wish list. cute house slippers and some money towards a ticket to see Book of Mormon. 

alex, bryan, jon, krishan, ceaze, karl, mark, darrell, pat, fern, john
the boyssss

trae, devon, steph, zye, meesh, augs, kris, katcha, muri
the girlssss

the chinese! haha. minus john, so is also one of us.

Jon wanted a boring giftcard to Target so i decided to make it more interesting. i had him follow a series of steps to make it a little more fun. 
1. open first portion and put it on
2. open second portion and pick a friend to join you
3. third portion is for your kid, not you! (it was a small hanging zebra mobile thing)
4. finally, a boring giftcard to Target