Wednesday, June 28, 2017

current hobby: growing a human

*written on May 13, 2017


it's true.

the one person who is known to give zero fucks about whether your growing child is the size of an eggplant this week is growing one of her own. yikes, right?

i realize the irony in the fact that i'm currently writing a blog post about my future child. who am i to side eye an instagram feed saturated with multiple pictures of a baby/child in the same moment taken split seconds of each other yet have the balls to start writing about my own prenatal experiences? yikes again. the good news is you can completely avoid it or read at your own discretion.

i've decided to pick up writing in this blog again because this is a huge turning point in my life (and Ted's too of course). i'd like to sort of document it for my future self and for our future kid to potentially view what it was like in mom's eyes to go through the process of child rearing. also, half of this kid's sets of grandparents live on the other side of the country and i'm positive they'd like to experience this with us (lookin' at you Momma Lin). so here goes another shot at blogging.

as i'm writing, i'm currently sitting at the later end of five weeks. i haven't even seen an ultrasound that shows evidence of a growing embryo. there isn't a heartbeat yet. but what i do know now is that nausea is kicking in, i'm more sensitive to sound, and have noticed slightly less chill in my demeanor. poor Ted eagerly read off multiple menu items to order and i snapped back because he wasn't giving me time to process the menu on my own without annoyingly barking 'how about this' and 'how about that.' to be fair though, that could've just been hanger talking through me.

aside from these symptoms, there isn't much happening. so long as things fly smoothly over the next few weeks, this blog post will be making it to your eyes and i'll start writing in this blog again.

wish us luck! fingers crossed for a happy healthy baby and a happy healthy me.

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  1. What a happy blog for me to read! Can't believe I am going to be grandmother for two babies in the next seven months. Be safe and have fun when you go to Australia and New Zealand. And continue the blog so I will have fun reading it.