Monday, June 13, 2011

sunday funday: surprise lunch and grandpa's bday!!

this past sunday Kris, Kim and i threw a surprise lunch for a couple of friends of ours. long story short, they're getting married and along with planning a marriage comes a lot of adversity. whether it be opinions from the family, who to invite, finances and the stress of organizing and getting things done, a wedding can be a mess of a journey. what precedes what should be the best day of your life can sometimes be overwhelming and exhausting.

because we want no more than to see our friends happy, we wanted to throw them a surprise lunch with a closed guest list of only their closest friends. we know Trina very well and knew that cooking good food and having a chill afternoon with people she loves would put a smile on her face. sunday, we successfully pulled of said lunch.

very very early sunday morning Kim and i began cooking for the days festivities. we'd planned out a menu that was to Trina's liking. luckily we all have very similar tastes in food so the menu was easy. comfort food done up and somewhere in there should be bacon!

the spread



endive with fresh pear, creamy blue cheese, homemade candied pecan and champagne vinaigrette.

crab and four cheese mac n cheese. with parmesan crisps shaped like T's and J's. 

mini individual baked potatoes with chive creme fraiche and a sharp cheddar.

chicken and waffles

the most light crisp awesome waffle ever!! i'm so happy i found this recipe!! (will post later) i had to borrow Trina's waffle maker, so i told her i was making bacon waffles per my boyfriend's request a week ago. this is probably the first time i've lied in a long time. it's really really hard for me to lie!! i'm the worst liar in the world. 

beef wellington stuffed with mushrooms, served with a mushroom red wine sauce.

to drink:
gingerale with berries.

with berry ice cubes!! there was white sangria also, but i failed to take a picture because i don't really drink sangria. haha

for dessert:

mini cream puffs with nutella whipped cream and banana.

peach and almond galette!!! 

we also made little take away cheesecakes for everybody as a thank you for showing their love and support for Trina and Justin.

cheesecake in a jar with blackberry coulee. 

Kris, Trina, me (all tired), and Kim

Mike, Trina and Nina

my god! this is what i look like after not really sleeping for 72 hrs? i think i shall never do that again. what they say about beauty sleep must be true!!! (i had worked graveyard the past two nights and spent all light hours awake busy having an awesome weekend)

Justin, in his new favorite robe, trying to stare intellectually into the distance while holding his glass of scotch. (scotch??)

me and the man. look, i'm like half asleep!

Kim, Kris, Trina, me, Kim and Jess

somehow i failed to get a picture of Trina and Justin together. oops!! 

well i know that Trina appreciated our gesture and i hope that they had a good time just hanging out. we wanted to show them that sometimes celebrations can just be about them and that they have people supporting them who just want them to be happy. 

later that night my family on my dad's side went out to dinner to celebrate my grandpa's birthday. we went to All Season restaurant in SF. it's always nice to have a big family gathering. i always want my grandparents to feel loved. i know that as people become elderly they feel neglected. people don't talk to them as much because they're hard of hearing or less communicative themselves, they can't get around as easily so they don't get to go out as often, etc. so on occasions where we celebrate them, it makes me feel good that they feel good.

i love it when he smiles!!! it's infectious happiness!!  look at him all stylish!! yeah, he wears his sunglasses indoors and at night. so what! haha!! he wore kangols before the were cool! (and after too, apparently. haha!!) 

all of his children.

a good number of his grandchildren. we're missing a few.

i can't say i know why he's giving you all "the claw," but it was funny!!

my dad laughing hysterically. he nearly fell out of his chair. i think he just tried to throw up the deuces in the picture taken right before this one. backwards peace signs and dads don't mix. haha! funny guy!!


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