Wednesday, September 21, 2011

chronicles of a chunk: part III

a lot of people who never knew the Former Me somehow can't believe I was ever fat (which amazes me because to this day I have never been skinny. average at best.) often times if a fat kid story exits my mouth, people question the validity. they either ask to see a picture or ask how old i was and if it was just a little baby weight that stuck around a little too long. keeping baby chub for as long as you're still a toddler is one thing, but being hefty twelve years after your birth is another.

so because people seem to need proof of fat, I present to you a few photos from my younger years. please refrain from laughing too hard. it might hurt my feelings. aaahh just kidding. they're pretty damn funny.

this first image is to show you the sheer size of me. oh and btw i had two of that oversized gray Costco sweater jacket thing so that i could alternate and wear it nearly every day. and those pink sweats you see under my awesome gray jacket were a staple to the Reg-wardrobe. i wore those as often as possible as well.
now here are a series of two pictures that are quite possibly the most hilarious pictures i own.

exhibit a:  a pyramid made from myself at the bottom, my brother in the middle and my beloved and very missed other brother, Shortie. check out my brother, looking fearful of what's to come. he probably knows we're going to do a switcharoo.

exhibit b: the same picture, except that the base is now my brother and i'm in the middle. it seems his body has disappeared. you can clearly see that when we swapped positions my brother ended up squashed into the cushions reaching for for help. he obviously was crying for anybody walking by to save his life before he lost all oxygen supplying his brain.

no, seriously. these pictures of my past probably make me laugh more than any pictures i've ever seen in my life EVER. well......except for my passport picture. also, note that in all three pictures i'm wearing the same pink sweats. on different random days. see, i tell no lies.

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  1. Fat or skinny, you are still beautiful!!! Thanks for the posting pics! It is hard to believe that you were ever, in your words "a chunk." And I would have to say that you are way better than average... not making a pass at you, just stating facts. I mean, I can personally think of like 5 people who have asked you out- don't make me name names!!!

    Oh, and I have to say that your other brother Shortie is very cute!! Love me a pom pom!