Sunday, October 30, 2011

and even more recent happenings...

yet another happy hour with some of my awesome coworkers and hopefully future co-workers. once they're in with us they'll definitely become a part of Super Crew!!!

Natasha and Lindsey, sucking up to Ron for a job.

i mean....seriously? as you can see, they really want a job. 

the gals. me, Lindsey, Natasha and Ruby

Edgar, Natasha, Ron, Lindsey and Tan...on our way to being tossed. or was that just me?



about a month ago, Stefan and i went to Napa to take a ride on the Napa Wine Train. we took the day off of work and intended on spending the day riding the old school train whilst eating some bbq. after waiting to aboard the train, drinking a couple of tastings and being seated on the train, we were informed that there were electrical problems and we weren't going to take off. we were given vouchers to come back another day with an upgrade to their gourmet train. 
us, before we knew we were going to soon be exiting the train.

because we weren't going to have lunch on the train, we went to Mustards Grill, a restaurant that my friend has recommended to me many times over the past few years. i'd been meaning to go and we finally had the chance. starving due to a delayed lunch, we decided to order up a storm. they're known for their mongolian pork chop, so that we had...among other things.

crab cakes. SO good! not overly stuffed with cheap breading. the perfect crab cake.

Mongolian pork chop. really good!! you've got to like mustard in order to like that sauce but considering you're dining at a place called Mustard's Grill, i'd assume you might already like mustard.

duck with sweet potatoes. cooked perfectly with smokey hints. i liked this more than the pork chop!

cornbread. meh. nothing special here.

chocolate hazelnut tart. SO good. warm and gooey, sweet and sticky.

content with happy tummies, we left for home and enjoyed the rest of our day being lazy.

Marjie's birthday was last month. because she loves all things cheese, i took her to The Cheese School of San Francisco for an introductory cheese class. they taught us the differences between cheeses and what to look for when we are buying cheese. most people took notes and whatnot but i was more concerned with consuming the cheese and enjoying it's deliciousness. we had waaaaay too much cheese for one night but it was awesome!

look at her all glowing. it's cause she's happy that her present involved tons of queso. i, on the other hand, look disheveled after all that lactose.

one of my coworkers was getting hitched so we had a small bachelorette party for her before her big day. we took her to 5a5 for dinner and champagne and then headed to some bars afterward. bars? bar? i can't even remember! i probably got more drunk this night than i ever have in my life and i'm not sure why that happened. but it was fun for the first half of the night, anyway. haha. 

Deya, me, Ruby, Bindu (obviously the bride), Elisa and Jinsun

i'm not sure why i look like that.

Lorraine and Shelly joined us later that night. i can 100% blame Shelly for giving me the one or two extra unnecessary shots. she was trying to catch up to us and i wasn't paying attention to what i was drinking. 

just the start of "Tracy" coming out. fyi, "Tracy" is my going-out-name. i'll explain how my coworkers dubbed me "Tracy" at another time. but this is what she looks like. haha!

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  1. Ha ha!! Love it all! I want to go to the Cheese School!!!!! I had no idea such a place existed!