Saturday, October 29, 2011

months past

for the past couple of months my access to internet has been sparse because of all the moving around and such. now that i am finally settled in to the house and have spent hours with the comcast xfinity man getting the cable and internet running, i can finally get back to blogging.

these are just a few happenings from a few months ago:

Stefan and I went camping with some friends. unfortunately i didn't get any pictures of us actually camping but managed to take a few on a hike we took up to the Castle Crags. what are crags, you ask? who knows! all i know is that there were huge rock formations all over the place.


happy hour with some of my favorites, Kris and Ize. hot chicks, no?

after happy hour, Kris and i went to a surprise birthday party for one of our friend's mom, Linda. 

Kim, Kris and i

with the birthday girl! can you say MILF? she's looking younger every year!


happy hour with coworkers and some future x-ray techs! the two non-coloreds were graduating from radiology school and were awesome students so we took them out to celebrate their future as techs. hopefully both of them will end up working with us at Kaiser SF soon! Congrats you two!!
Tan, Hong, Ruby, me, Lindsey, Natasha, Edgar


i've always wanted to go on an African safari. in fact, it's something i'd like to one day check off of my bucket list. Stefan and i went to Safari West in Napa one random day off. it's the closest thing to that that i'm going to have the chance to experience for a long time. 

HAHA!! the one doing the mounting was making all sorts of awkward sounds. it was hilarious watching a little kid as his mom what they were doing.

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