Tuesday, April 16, 2013

San Diego with the Divas

"the Divas?" you ask? who are the Divas? well, let me tell you! the Divas consist of myself, Jerilyn and Lia (in the pictures) and Ciara. we all went through x-ray school together and from the first day of school we hit it off. it was just oh so very easy to hang out with these girls. we spent four solid 8 hour days together each week during our first year in school. that's a lot of time to get to know each other. within our first week of school  all four of us were called in to the teachers office for talking/laughing too much during class and from that point on i knew we were going to be more than just classmates. even though we called ourselves "the Divas," i would never consider any of us to have diva-esque qualities. every single day i've spent with these girls have been hysterical. we are so stupid and silly. from weekend trips to San Diego and Santa Cruz to just sitting on a couch, every. single. time. we are together it's so. much. fun! we've seen each other through serious triumphs and tragedies and have an irreplaceable bond. though i probably see these girls maaaaybe three times a year nowadays, it's never awkward and it feels like we haven't skipped a beat. 

it's been five years since our last trip to San Diego, after we graduated from x-ray school and we were due for another round. during the day we chilled hard. i'm talking naps in cabanas and movies in our hotel room. the first night was our dress up night in the Gaslamp district and the second night was supposed to be bars in the Pacific Beach area but it turned out to be more clubby than that. especially considering hiphop isn't quite as easy to find in SD. there was a lot of "oots oots" music going on and i am so not down with that. but fun times were had nonetheless. 

dinner at Monello before heading to Stingaree

coconut cake goodness

at Johnny V's, and later to PB Bar & Grill

love, LOVE these girls! 

had an amazing weekend with these two! let's not wait another five years for the next trip!

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  1. hell yeah you guys are divas. look at you in that red dress! owwww