Tuesday, April 23, 2013

they pranked me because they love me...or that's what i tell myself

once upon a time, exactly six days ago, i nonchalantly offered my place to some coworkers friends for a place to hang out before heading to dinner for Ruby's birthday. we ended up going back to my place for cupcakes following dinner as well but that was never the original plan. see, i had plans to head out so that i did. yep...like the worst host in the world, i left them there. but by now you all know that Natty lives with me and Edgar pretty much does part time as well, so i knew they could close up shop whenever everybody felt like leaving. as i said a blanketed "goodbye" to everybody i could see the thought process through one person's eyes. "seriously? she's leaving with us all still at her place? wtf. lame. no f*ck that." and he was either going to talk a whole lot of shit two seconds after the door shut behind me or he was going to prank me. yeah, i could see that all in his beady little eyes...behind glasses. 

i didn't return home until two days later after a swing shift at work. at 12:30 am, to my surprise, i found my bed turned around to face the window. alone in the middle of the night, i'll admit that initially it stunned me and i freaked out for a moment wondering if somebody had broken in. but i very quickly realized that nothing else had been moved and that the culprits must be my asshole friends. then i got a little irritated because how in the world was i supposed to corral four or five people together to get my bed back in place? my roommates and i are barely ever home at the same time, so this seemed like an impossibility. OR, i was just being dramatic. but overall, it was a pretty good prank...especially considering that when i got up in the middle of the night for a tinkle and i walked back into my room, all i saw was blackness and feared crashing into the headboard. 

BUT!! but...i got an accidental advanced prank back at Tan, which probably ended up being far more funny than moving my bed. remember that Tan is deathly afraid of mice? well, i've dog-sat a few dogs and one of them chewed off the tail of a stuffed animal and conveniently left it under my bed. it's been there for months but i've never had the desire to crawl under there to get it. turns out it was for good reason! when they moved my bed over and unveiled the tail, Tan, thinking it was a mouse, jumped and ran out of the room pushing Muri out of the way. haha!! so does this mean i win? i think so! 

after texting them in the middle of the night that they were all dicks, they sent me these photos. haha!

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