Friday, May 9, 2014

chubby noodle

Chubby Noodle started out as a pop-up at Amante, a bar in the North Beach district in SF. while i always wanted to try it, i put it off for a long time because i felt sort of weird about entering a dark divey bar to order chinese/asian food. sooner rather than later it quickly transitioned from pop-up to keeping a standing time slot at Amante and is now serving food daily from 5-11pm. i recently found the opportunity to eat at Chubby Noodle and am happy to report that while the menu sounds almost standard, it truly isn't. everything i tried was super flavorful and starchy things like the noodles or the wonton wrappings were made and cooked with just the right consistency. i can't wait to go back and either try new things or just repeat this same meal because i was so very satisfied by it.

garlic noodles with shrimp
the noodles have great texture and while garlic definitely is the main flavor profile, there's more depth in the other flavors that come through as well.

fried rice with kimchee, pork belly and a proper fried egg
yummmm! slightly smokey in flavor, spicy with kimchee, rich with egg yolk and pork belly, this is a great hearty dish that meets your expectations for exciting multiple taste buds. 

spicy wontons 
light and simple.

spicy fried chicken
great fried chicken with just a bit of kick and probably some five-spice. 

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  1. Those garlic noodles with shrimp look delicious!