Thursday, May 1, 2014

cancun for #karlsgettingmuried

view from my hotel room! =)

hola! just got back from Cancun a few days ago for Karl and Muri's wedding, hashtagged karlsgettingmuried. though not very long, it was an awesome fun trip. in short, the extended weekend consisted of trying to even out a horrid body tan at the beach to no avail, a welcome party with a sunset background, Karl actually getting Muried, loads of face stuffing and too much liver deterioration, a trip to Xichen Itza, search for legit local food, new friends and hilarious conversation. i'll keep this post with less words and more photos because sometimes i talk too much and today i won't. 

hi boys! my mexican for the weekend, ex-actual-roommate and roomie for the weekend Fern, who provided as my personal translator. and john who just looks like he's mexican. 

John, Johnson, Karl, Muri, Fern
first encounters with some of the 60+ people who were in Cancun for the wedding.

hey, beautiful! i'd like to keep seeing you every day for the rest of my life mmmkay?

at the welcome dinner with that gorgeous sunset as our backdrop.

laaaadies! i clearly didn't get the patterned dresses memo. in my defense the invite said "casual" sooo...

snagging one of very few moments with the lady of the weekend.

Johnson and i were the only people from work (Muri's my coworker as well as a friend outside of work) who were able to make it to the wedding. 
*Coworker Friends, i wish you all could have been there! we need to plan a vacay!
*sorry Stella, i stole you man for the night! jk! 
*John, awesome...your thumb made it into the shot! 

you know what i liked most about this wedding was that not everything had to be perfect and Karl and Muri would be just fine with that. the flower girl didn't touch one flower, come time for vows we all discovered that they were hidden in the MOH's purse which was sitting in the audience somewhere, at some point during the ceremony the words "nooo...not 'single'" were said by Muri to correct a mistake Karl had made, and with all eyes on her on the way into the reception the bride tripped. but they just laugh it off because marriage and life in general isn't about perfection or putting on a face, it's about experience and laughter. at some point during the reception Muri asked me if i cried (which for the record, i did) because she knows that if i'm in attendance at a wedding in which i don't think the bride and groom are an amazing match for each other, i shed no tears. there is an ease about the way they interact with each other that makes me truly believe that these two were meant to be. cheers to a wonderful life together, you two! 

she is often mistaken for one of my people (chinese). it's pretty clear where she gets that from, huh? 

i like taking hands photos during weddings. also...f*ck old school paper! nowadays ipads and iphones deliver vows. 


the new Mr. and Mrs. Detert!!
Karl has never looked more dapper than on his wedding day...

Trae and Jerel

Angel and Evan

Zye and Fern

Kat and Ceaze

spent a bunch of time hanging out with this funny ass group of fellas over the weekend. 
*how many "this could be you" Tinder photos did you guys snag that weekend? haha ;)

Augs and Special Friend

Arthur, Abby, Kris
you guys know how every girl has that ombre hair thing going on? i'm taking it to the next level with the ombre body. dark on top and fades to light. so. not. cool. but seriously...i might have to Donald Duck it  (y'know...wear tops only, no bottoms) for a while to even out this tan!

me: do you want to take a picture with their sombreros on?
kris: uhh maybe wait until they stop singing first?
me: no, let's just take them...i don't think they'll mind...
for the record no latino guy minds asian chicks wanting to borrow their anything.

shots with the newlyweds! 

is this not the most cute, awesome and appropriate favor ever?? 


table 6

haha! i love that the bride didn't care to look flawless in every photo. 

commanding the bar! she tends to do this when she's drunk.

uh-oh! he's going in with a purpose...

oh damn! 


see what i mean by not having to be flawless? this picture encapsulates her personality. forget the dress or being classy (haha!) as long as you're having fun! 

Erica and Doug

with the beautiful bride! aaaaand Karl's semi-photobomb! 

with the ever changing color of the room our pearly whites look like grillz.

we were all clearly increasingly intoxicating as the night progressed

boys prom pic

our turn, ladies! nice pose Karl.

do. not. know. oh now i thaaaat's what my resting bitch face looks like! they look cute..i look like an asshole. 

oh, just resting.

i'm not sure what's going on but it's cute. 

a group of us at the Mayan ruins, Xichen Itza

hmm...without that shadow below me, i almost look like i photoshopped myself in.

a quick trip to the ceynote, which is located amidst a normal town. above this are buildings and such. cool, huh?

we were in search of chicarones and found them at the Mercado 23, which is where all the legit, non-tourist mexican food is

maize and cacao drink. not my favorite. 

pork taco time. 

Fern was in search of chocolate milk, which is nostalgic for him and reminds him of his kiddie days spent in Guadalajara. success! 

last drink in Mexico! baby coronas! 

taking a little autobus to the Mercado 28, which is just a whole bunch of stuff (souvenirs) and haggling. no thanks.

we had a nine hour layover in Mexico City and found a mexican Denny's called Wings to spend our time at. as the big buff Mexican, his job was to protect us and our things but considering we call him Narcoleptic Fern, i knew this wasn't going to be the case. see what i meeeaan? haha!

awesome times, friends! 

Karl and Muri, love you guys! 

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  1. i looooved this recap. you're right, her wedding looks awesome. love the little cholula treats. and i think i'm kinda obsessed with her wedding gown and the bridesmaid dresses!! you looked super pretty in your dress too. the pics of mayan ruins--awesomeeeee. i can't imagine what that would be like in real life. gorgeous. the drink in the bag? no way!