Saturday, October 4, 2014

come back, Rain!! (on California's devastating drought)

Lake Shasta on 09/26/14, at 25% it's once upon a time capacity

ever so dearest California Rain,

                  i think the best way to start this is to blatantly say that i miss you. dearly. i know we treated you like the friend that literally rained on our parade but we were being jerks. sometimes you don't know what you had until it's gone and i'm currently in that boat. when they taunted you with "rain rain go away, come again some other day," they were being complete assholes. please do come back. the sooner the better. perhaps tomorrow? pretty please? pretty please with an umbrella on top?

                  i miss you because things around here have changed without you. sunshine and warmth were once such rarities that we would gladly push you aside for a potential day at the beach or Dolores Park. but only before 5pm because we all know that after 5 it gets chilly. well that's what once was anyhow. i haven't felt that cool crisp air in a long time now. even past dusk the thick humidity keeps the air warm and our arms bare (i know anybody living anywhere outside of the bay area is rolling their eyes because any "humidity" i speak of here is a joke to most, but bear with me...i grew up with the most cool, refreshing air so it's all i know...and i miss it to pieces). we haven't truly felt your presence for what seems like over a year. september and august used to be our indian summer but i'm pretty sure it's been summeresque here since our last indian summer. everybody loves a sunny day but man oh man are they all sitting thirsty now, huh? Lake Shasta looks more like Pond Shasta. our water companies are threatening to fine us for using more water than a determined average amount (which i am completely behind). watching people partake in the Ice Bucket Challenge was infuriating.

                  and on a selfish note, i miss wearing sweaters. and boots. and soup. i miss warm hearty meals and blasting the heat in my car. and the refreshing smell of a dewy morning.  i used to feel guilty about "wasting" a sunny day if i didn't spend every last moment of sunlight outside. but now i find myself  missing staying in and watching movies all day and night. i crave the calm of your pitter patter and the life you bring to our soil. i'm not a fan of earthworms but sometimes i wonder if they're even there anymore.

 Yin misses Yang. please come back and bring us some relief.

                                                                                  it's true i heart you,

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