Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Lily Ann Choy

hey world, meet Lily, my brand new niece. she's been hanging around for about twenty one days (her birthday is october 1st)  but i've failed to blog about her because i haven't had a laptop for a couple of months now. so far i've only been able to see her a few times and on every one of those occasions this little girl has been getting all the beauty rest she can. while i'm happy that she's healthy and have faith that she's going to grow up to be an awesome addition to society, so far she's been sorta boring. her literal snooze fest has been a figurative snooze fest for the few times i've visited but i guess that just means i should visit more often. i do suppose it's unfair of me to request a high-five from her just yet. 

her birth was seamless and all of her fingers and toes add up to the correct number. she came out just slightly above average for length and has massive (a little bit of an exaggeration but they're still pretty big) hands. Jeremy seems to be discouraged by this because he's imagined her to be a tiny person, just like his wife. well sir, based on her hand size she's going to be a giraffe...but still like an asian version of a giraffe. tall for an asian but not tall if you compare her to non-asians. my guess is 5'6". we should make a bet and then when she's an almost adult reveal the winner to her when she stops growing. then she'll fully understand why Aunty Reg kept telling her to hang on the monkey bars. i never really understood when people claimed who a newborn baby looks like because let's be real, for the most part they just look like puffy shrunken humans with barely any features. they come out of the womb all misshapen with hair in strange places as if they're gorilla pups (for the record they're not actually called "pups" they're called "babies" just like humans, which i'm not sure how i feel about. i know they're just one slot down in the evolutionary chain but can we get just a little bit of separation, please?). but from the moment i saw Lily i thought she looked just like my brother. those Choy genes sure are strong!

so now all of our lives have changed and we have this little creature to love and take care of. people ask if i'll babysit as if i'm some anti-child but i've never been anti-child...i've just been ambi-child (shortened from 'ambivalent'). of course this particular one holds a special place in my life so of course i'm going to babysit! but. well. maybe i'll wait until she can feed herself. juuuuuust kidding! i'm going to take her to the Academy of Science, the zoo, Disneyland, and all of the places that we all loved as kids. and you bet i'm going to teach her a little bit of sarcasm while i'm at it. 

day 1 of existence

three generations! would be four if Lily's mom weren't bedbound. 



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  1. She looks so much like your brother, at least from the photos I have seen.