Tuesday, May 31, 2011

the best food truck from here to infinity

i think we ought to pay our respects to the pioneers of this food truck craze that's been running rampant in the Bay Area and eventually across the nation. in our youth i'm sure we've all come across a taco truck or two, right? when i was young i had no desire to get food from a roaming mobile. i didn't understand why anybody would want to eat out of a roach coach when you could sit down and eat at a taqueria or Chevy's (barf!). little did i know, the people behind taco trucks were on to something amazing. hats off to you, el Taco Truck(s) for you have paved the way for what has become upscale gourmet food trucks!

over the past few years various types of food trucks and carts have been popping up like crazy and i have become obsessed with them. i have spent lots of my time corralling people to join me at Off The Grid so that we may share bites from as many trucks as possible. i've twitter stalked trucks and drove directly to them in order to get something on that specific day's menu. one time i went to the Eat Real Festival on a saturday with friends and made my way there on sunday as well, with the excuse that my parents along with aunts and uncles would need someone there to help navigate through the mediocre and the delicious. i've stuffed my face all sorts of silly because i couldn't decide whether i wanted Chairman Bao's duck bun, banana chai fritters, Iz It's icon, or Brass Knuckle's hotdog with bonito flakes....so i had them all. it's a bit intense, i know, but what can i say? food is my passion.

i've been to a ton of different food trucks and have tried nearly everything that i've had the desire to eat so far. i've had plenty of good food and plenty of that-was-a-waste-of-money food. but today, my friends, i am here to talk about the ultimate food truck. i'm talking about 3-SUM EATS. it's hearty approachable food with a good sprinkle of umph. i mean, just check out these pictures and then take note of the nice puddle of drool you've accumulated near your keyboard.

 this sandwich is what dreams are made of!! you start off with a light toasted brioche bun spread with thoussand island (which is more like tartar, but technicalities don't matter. it was fantastic!) and add a nice amount of sprouts. underneath thtat you have a huge portobello stuffed with rich creamy mozzarella fried perfectly crisp. my GOD, it almost brought tears to my eyes!!! just be careful because upon first bite the piping hot cheese tends to squirt out and burn your hand. you can't let that cheese go to waste! no worries, pick it up and slap it back on!!
mac n cheese egg roll with fondue dipping sauce. the rich creamy goodness of mac n cheese paired with the bit of crunch from the fried wrapper is perfection.

the best breakfast sandwich you will ever have IN LIFE!!! brown sugar and rosemary coated bacon. i repeat. brown sugar. rosemary. bacon. of goodness. piled in between a homemade english muffin along with a fried egg, cheese and TRUFFLE aioli. i love my boyfriend, but i was sad that i had to share this with him. (haha!! no joke....i literally stopped typing for a minute and just stared at this picture while reminiscing about it's complexity of flavors and the joy it brought to me!)

behind this better-than-the-rest truck is Ryan Scott. i've been a fan of his for a while now. while watching an early season of Top Chef, i obviously found myself routing for the guy from SF. then i found out that he, at the time, was working with Myth and Myth Cafe. one of my first fine dining experiences was years ago at Myth. i recall it being one of the first times i'd ever thought food to be tantalizing, so naturally my support for him on the show shot up immensely. soon after Top Chef ended he partnered with Mission Beach Cafe, another restaurant that i love! i have pretty much liked every aspect of Ryan Scott's career thus far but the birth of 3-SUM EATS has put him on another level.

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  1. i hope you keep your blogs going even when the year is over. i hope this truck is still around next time i go home cuz your pictures and descriptions got me hooked!

    --meesh. i don't get the comment as option. hahaha