Wednesday, August 17, 2011

chronicles of a chunk: II

--as a child i ate Hungry Man frozen dinners for snack time after school. again. as a child i ate Hungry Man frozen dinners. a meal meant for a burly grown adult male sufficed as my after school acitivity. but of course i wasn't limited to just that salt laden meal as my afternoon pick me up. other examples of my afternoon snacks included a whole can of chili with a half bag of Tostitos, Marie Calender's frozen chicken fettucini alfredo, Totino's pizza rolls and of course Bagel Bites dipped in ranch dressing. i think the serving size for bagel bites is like two or something measly. me? i ate twelve. seriously, fat kid Regina could potentially have given Kobayashi a run for his money.

--on occasion my parents would go to Reno for the weekend and let my brother and i stay home alone. it was exciting for us to act like big kids able to take care of ourselves. for my brother, Jeremy, the best part of them leaving was the freedom to play video games or do nothing at all the whole weekend. for me, the highlight was that they'd leave us food money and we could walk down to McDonald's or Pizza Hut. one of those weekends my brother and i headed out with ten bucks in hand to walk to Pizza Hut to score some delicious dinner. we walked for what seemed like ages and i huffed and puffed. i felt like the pressure in my chest was going to make my ribs burst open. by the time i got to PH i couldn't even imagine ordering. i didn't have enough energy in my body to do anything but try to get some oxygen running through it. i couldn't breathe! i remember it distinctly feeling like i had a giant fish bowl over my head and i was breathing in nothing but stale useless air. i thought i had developed asthma! i looked at my brother amazed that he was roaming around the arcade area not feeling the same way i did. we had gone the same distance. why was he fine and i was about to die? oh,'s probably all that extra chubs. my huge puffy cheeks probably took up space in my face causing a stricture to my windpipe. and you know what makes this story most embarrassing? the walk from our house to PH was only about half a mile away downhill. when my parents returned i told them all about how i needed to see a doctor because i had developed asthma. then i was told i just needed to start running. true that.

in case you care to read more about my childhood chub status:  chronicles of a chunk: I

*i write these chronicles because being a chubby kid has been a huge part in forming the current me. they're things i remember that i now think are funny. and to be quite honest, i figure someone out there can identify with the same things. if they ever come across these chronicles and have felt the same, i hope they, too, are able to laugh it off as they live their currently healthier lifestyle.

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  1. Can you please post a picture of you as a chunk? I just don't believe it's really possible!