Sunday, August 28, 2011

recent happenings


nearly a couple of months ago, this little cutie turned 1 year old! although i don't get to see her very often, it's awesome seeing her learn new things. my favorite new thing that she does is when she see's something tasty she goes "mmMmm" with inflection. it's so cute!

she obviously had a lady bug themed bday...

baby cakes!!!

Lia, Jerilyn and myself

me, Jerilyn, Lia and Ciara

it's hard to believe that i've known these three ladies for over six years now. we were fast friends when we all endured the radiology program at KPSAHS together. in fact we became friends so quickly that within our first week of school we all got notes to go into the teachers office for talking too much. we spent long grueling school days together which turned into real friendships. recently we've all had things to celebrate. Ciara was moving (and has since) to New Orleans, a place where she feels free and can get some time to relax and take life slowly. Lia was (and has since) gotten married to the man who is truly her best friend. we went out to celebrate these two before some big life changes. we went out for some drinking and dancing, which is always a good time with these girls. 


Comedy Jam!!!

i feel that stand-up comedy is one of the best ways to spend your time. true, a lot of comedians are horrible and feel like a waste of time, but sometimes there's that set that gets you physically slapping your knee and clapping your hands uncontrollably. those are the ones that make sifting through the bad ones worth it. every year i look forward to the Wild 94.9 Comedy Jam. this year they had Gabriel Iglesias, Kat Williams, Dave Chapelle, Jo Koy, and Chris Tucker, along with a few lesser names. 

Crystal, Laura, Jeremy, Darrick (covered by Jeremy's big head), and Jason

Jerilyn and i

Stefan and i

Dave Chapelle! 

i finally i had the chance to see Dave Chapelle. ever since his show went off air, it has been on my list of things to do/people to see before i go. i was warned that he replaces rehearsed stand-up with a lot of him just talking and observing. he used some old stand up and then talked some but i didn't mind. he was still funny. but who surprisingly stole the show was Jo Koy. i've seen that guy on Chelsea Lately a bunch of time and have never really thought he was that funny. but at the Comedy Jam i could not stop laughing while he was on stage. i think the difference between thought out practiced jokes versus the impromptu blurt of random jokes and funny faces he does on Lately spans completely opposite ends of the funny spectrum. 

comedy is best shared in a crowd of people roaring with laughter. it was crazy packed on the lawn at The Shoreline Amphithearter. people stepped all over our blankets to try to get through, the slant of the hill was a killer to our backs over the five hours we spent sitting on the ground, and the cold air was rough. but with everybody there for the same reason, it seemed like a giant picnic. the cold weather, aching backs and foot print covered blankets didn't matter because once a comedian said something hysterical, it was all forgotten. 

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