Monday, November 28, 2011


have you guys heard about a website called before i go on and talk about it, i want to sum up all my thoughts on the website by borrowing the words of Kanye. tha shi cray!!! 

one day my cousin started talking about this search engine site that he'd found that listed all sorts of information about him that he didn't want known. it intrigued me, so i asked him to look me up. just by plugging in my name the website laid out all of my business. my name, my address, the value of my house, my email address, my zodiac sign, ethnicity, my chinese zodiac sign, a google image of my house, my parents names and ages, my brother and his age, etc. were all listed. and that's WITHOUT paying for their service. that's all the information  you can get about somebody for free. 

now imagine what information they've got about you if someone decides to pay the fee to find out more information. there are icons listing hobbies and interests, whether you like kids or not, etc. they obviously gather the information from other social networking sites such as the monster Facebook. ever notice that when you hit "Like" for (let's say) the 49ers, all of a sudden ads on the side of the page are for football, or sports, or the colors red and gold? the second you allow a social networking site know you like something, you are dumped into a demographic and are immediately targeted. this fucking scary spokeo website collects all of that information and displays it for anybody who is searching for you. now i'm aware that there is a shit ton of information on the internets and just about anybody in this world can be found (well, unless you're from a small lip plate wearing tribe), but the fact that all of this information is condensed on one website that you never even signed up for is sort of scary. any creep out there can easily stalk you with one quick search. i mean, what happened to the ol' days when stalkers really had to work hard at what they did? pull out the giant yellow pages and physically sift through pages of names and phone numbers, peek behind bushes to find out what movies you watch in your living room, or call and hang up after hearing your voice. now they can just type in your name to see a photo of where you're living, discover your favorite movies and find your vimeo or youtube page to hear your voice. creeptastic!

anybody that doesn't want to be found, good effing luck! if you weren't aware of the site (like i imagine many people aren't), check it out. search yourself and see what you think. then please delete your ass off of that shit! go to the page, scroll to the very bottom and click "privacy." you just have to put in the html to your specific page and give them an email address. they'll take your info off immediately....but guess what! now they've got your current email address in their files too! 

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