Wednesday, November 23, 2011

just because you look good doesn't make you awesome

ever see a toddler that is so absolutely cute that your are sure that they are going to grow up to be stunningly gorgeous or handsome? when i see a kid that cute, most of the time i just think "awesome! job well done mom and dad!" but sometimes i can't help but wonder whether they're going to end up being heart breakers or cocky assholes/assholettes. sure they start out as innocent kids who happen to have the right gene combination, but some of them will grow up to be jerkfaces.

we've all come across that striking guy who knows he's hot. he's been treated differently his whole life because he knows how to use his looks to his advantage. he gets the girl. he gets the better table at a restaurant. there's that promotion that you've been working hard to get, but guess who gets it. the handsome devil whose numbers fell short but damn does that confidence make him seem like he's perfect for the job. she gets the guy. she gets free drinks. oh, and she says the dumbest things but somehow everybody seems to want to listen. and it doesn't happen just because they're good looking. it happens because they know they're good looking and act with that in mind. the world seems to revolve around them so they don't need to acknowledge the world.

often times i find these people use their looks to their advantage. and who can really blame them? they're just working with what they've got, right? sometimes for that guy or girl, it's easy to play the field and hook up with whoever they wish to. because it's so easy for them sometimes they get cocky and become self absorbed. sometimes they find themselves tired of who they're with and break hearts. on to the next one! i find these people to be arrogant. their worth to the superficial world would make them kings and queens but the value of their character is far less than what the eye perceives.

then there are the awesome people out there who are equally good looking yet are clueless to that knowledge. there is a good number of people roaming around unaware that they, too, could be heart breakers and could easily find shortcuts in life if they'd use their looks to their advantage. some of them are masked by a geeky exterior or simply a pure heart. they don't walk with a strut, they just walk around like you or me a normal person. they get that raise because they worked hard at their job, not because they flirted their way up the chain. they get the good table because they waited just like everybody else or made a reservation rather than flash their blaring white shiny teeth at the host. they are just participating in life as an average Joe, no better than anybody else.

so sometimes i see those little cute toddlers in all their innocence and wonder which type of person they'll end up becoming. it breaks my heart to know that some of them will end up hot and unawesome. but it also is refreshing to know that some of them will become humble, incredibly cool people.

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  1. sooo...we're the awesome people that are equally good looking yet clueless right?