Monday, November 14, 2011

simple fried rice

fried rice is probably THE easiest thing to make and it costs little to no money. with just a few ingredients you can feed a ton of people. and you can put practically anything you want into a fried rice. i chose to make the simplest fried rice evAr with bbq pork, egg and peas. seriously it's so simple, i'm not sure why i even put it up on this blog.

1st, start off by heading to your local Chinese chop shop. that's not really what they're called but you know those hanging ducks and chicken in the window? you order, they chop. chop shop. makes sense in my head. ask for a 1/2 lb bbq pork. because they probably won't understand you if you're speaking in English, try to master saying "yut boon bong cha siu. jaam. doh je sai!" haha! really, please PLEASE do this. it's hilarious picturing you (whoever you may be) trying to say this. essentially what it means is "one half pound bbq. chopped. thanks for everything!" that's the hard part. the easy part is paying. again, you probably won't understand each other so when he/she tells you how much it is in Chinese and sticks out his/her gross-bbq-pork-juice-covered-glove, just hand her a $10 and she'll give you the appropriate change back. don't worry, it probably won't be any more than $4 MAX. that's the easiest way to avoid having a long confusing conversation with the Chinese. and please remember that if he/she seems mad, it probably isn't the case. that's just being Chinese. loud and faces lacking emotion. it's just the way it is. 

2nd go home and gather up your ingredients. OLD rice is the best for fried rice. seriously. at least one day old rice is necessary. don't even bother with fresh rice. it'll just be mushy and unfitting for fried rice. i used about 4-5 cups rice, about 1 cup frozen peas (thawed), two eggs (scrambled) and the bbq pork (chopped [jaam!] up even more)  i worked so hard to get. 

3rd, heat your wok (in my case, pot) to very hot. you can throw in a little bit of oil if you want but i didn't. start to heat your rice through, breaking up the chunks. the rice will soften as it heats up. somewhere in there you can throw in some soy sauce or whatever you wish to season your rice with. i used a little bit of soy sauce, some salt and some sriracha sauce. 

4th, dump in all of your ingredients and mix around until evenly distributed and everything is heated through. 

this fed two people on a very hungry night, but it could easily serve 3-4 depending on who's dining with you. now wasn't that easy? seems silly to pay $8 for something that you can make at home for $3 in less than ten minutes, doesn't it?

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