Saturday, December 29, 2012

speaking of great friends...

Steph and Little Eddie (in her tummy), Kris, myself, Meiche, Bryli

i was fortunate enough to spend some time with Steph, Meiche and Bryli today. Steph and Meiche weren't able to make it to dinner the other night, so i was really happy to see them. Meiche is back from Hawaii briefly for the holidays. i barely get to see her and i'm sad that i'm missing out on Bryli's goings on as far as becoming a little person. the last time i saw her she was still looking like a little lump and now she's walking around and talking! Steph is currently growing our (and by our, i mean the group of girl friends i've had since highschool, if not before) second baby! a boy! it's so exciting to watch my friends grow up and follow the paths they've paved for themselves. whether it's starting a family, reaching career goals, or just finding ways to a life of happiness, i love that we are doing it together. supporting each other and encouraging our friends. we're lifers. all of our children are going to be "cousins" for sure. they're going to grow up and love each other as much as their mom's love each other. it's going to be amazing. 

Bryli loves hanging out with me. as you can see, i'm exceptionally good with kids. yep, they love Auntie Reg. 

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