Tuesday, March 26, 2013

25 things about yourself (2009)

facebook recently changed it's layout and somewhere on my page a "Note" that i had written in February 2009 popped up. hidden away in the archives was one of those chain things where if you are tagged, you complete the survey and tag more people. this one in particular just asked that you write 25 random things about yourself. i vaguely remember writing this years ago so it was fun to go back in time a little bit and compare what my thoughts were back then vs. today. reading through it four years later, all but one fact still stands to be true. interesting, Regina....verrrry interesting.

1. sometimes i think i'm the most boring person and i bring nothing to the table 

2. sometimes i think i'm crazy awesome, in the most unconceited way...if you can imagine that 

3. i loved my old dog, Shortie, so much so that part of the reason i opted not to apply to a school away from home was because i'd miss him too much. 

4. i don't have checks, which makes me being an adult kind of difficult    so have checks now!! still don't quite feel like an adult though. 

5. some days i obsess about caloric intake and other days i gives a shit about it and can probably out eat most people i know 

6. i love to take photos and think i'm decent at it, but am completely too lazy to figure out photoshop or how to properly use any function on my brand new spiffy awesome camera. it's about angles and simplicity for me. 

7. i am mediocre in all aspects of life. i stay the middle ground. it makes life easier and keeps me grounded. 

8. my mom is the person who i most admire and i aim to be quite like her. 

9. i live by "it's never what a person said or did in their life, the only thing you remember about them is how they made you feel." 

10. i don't care for football, however "dun dun dun duuuuu....duh duh duh duh duuuuuhh" was the one song i thoroughly remember from my childhood. you know, the song from the NFL at the beginning of games. 

11. i love food so much that if a piece of delicious food drops onto a not-so-cleanly table i'll pick it up, put it on the side of my plate as if i'm not going to eat it and then eat it anyway when nobody is looking. 

12. i'm not the most friendly person, but i'm a good friend. 

13. i can't stray away from honestly. it's a blessing and a curse. 

14. i am ecstatic about the career path i've chosen, especially in this economy where most feel unstable about their positions. x-ray, you've done me well. 

15. i want to own a rent-a-dog shop. someone already stole my idea, bitches! 

16. is always, ALWAYS early or on time. it's considerate! you should probably think about that. 

17. right handed but swings like a lefty (golf/baseball....and i would skate and snowboard goofy too) 

18. thinks all the exercise she's done in the past few years has ruined her back and posture more than helped. 

19. used to be a fat kid, and remains one in her heart/mind 

20. doesn't waste her time on bullshit in any form if possible. 

21. likes to be spontaneous, but only when i'm sound and everything is done and i've got nothing to worry about. does that make any sense?? it does in my world. 

22. hated santa claus for a while because when i heard "i saw mommy kissing santa claus" for the first time i thought santa was a bastard. 

23. would rather eat a beetle than lick any portion of a foot. 

24. sleeps in livingroom if a spider is present and dominating my room 

25. sings annoyingly in the car, so much so that i laugh at myself often and then drive with a smile on my face for miles.

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