Thursday, March 14, 2013


Haven is a great date night restaurant if you're ever in Oakland. contemporary with a somewhat industrial look. the best way to describe the food is earthy in flavor profile as well as visually. if you take a look at the pictures below you'll notice all of the food is made up of varying shades of brown and green. the service we received was excellent as well. though we walked in twenty minutes before closing time, the staff was still friendly and accommodating. having worked in a restaurant as a server, i know how frustrating it is to think your shift is ending with tables all cleared, only to have a two top (table of two) walk in, holding you up for another hour or so. the server never showed signs of rushing us out or irritation about having to take care of the only remaining table of patrons in the restaurant at 10pm. bonus points for that!

bone marrow served with parker house rolls
the marrow was cooked with some curry flavors along with melted onions and turnips. the curry and onions surprisingly went very well with the marrow and the turnips helped to cut the richness a bit. 

gnocchi with braised oxtail and smoked ricotta
the gnocchi was good but it's really hard to wow me with the texture of gnocchi in general. the oxtail was super flavorful and tender.

trout cooked on cedar with celery and potatoes
the fish was cooked nicely, though i'd prefer the skin to have more of a crisp to them. i don't typically prefer celery flavors or mustard seed flavors so this dish was just okay for me.

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