Sunday, March 24, 2013

a late post on Chris' dirty thirty

oops, this is a slightly overdue post...

a Vegas weekend with friends is a solid way to spend your thirtieth birthday, i would say. throw in some PAC tournament basketball and St. Patty's Day celebrating and it's an especially awesome birthday weekend. well, for him anyway. i couldn't care less about basketball but maybe if i keep hanging around this guy i won't have a choice but to start paying attention to games and rooting for his team. i suppose i don't mind that though. anyhow, i spent two and a half full days in Vegas (him, three!) and if you've ever taken on Vegas full force, you know that that's much more time than the average person should be there. it's a fun albeit exhausting city and i surely cannot handle more than two consecutive nights of drinking. for those of you who day and night drink, i do not know how you aren't on the floor in fetal position whilst awaiting your flight back home. 


we went to see David Guetta at XS friday night. i'm not a big fan of dance music. i just don't get it... so actually attempting to dance to those beats is nearly impossible for me. throwing my fist up in the air is about as far as i got to staying in sync with the music. nonetheless, it was a good first night in Vegas. 

saturday brunch at the Bellagio. not the greatest. not terrible, but i feel like the Bellagio should hold itself to higher standards. still, i ate until i wanted to die.

lazy river time at MGM. i was too lazy to even get in the river. 

saturday night/Chris' actual birthday was much more enjoyable dance-wise due to hip hop at Tryst. that's what i gets down with for dancing purposes. some actual beats. yes, please! fun ensued!

sunday (St. Patty's Day) turned into a hunt for green beer. i assumed that in a place full of tourism, green beer would be abundant and flowing from every bar but this isn't the case. after basically giving up, i spied with my little eye what appeared to be a beverage of the beer variety that looked like it might have some food coloring in it! after confirming with the gentleman holding the drink that it was indeed a green beer, we finally found our way to a proper St. Patty's celebratory drink at a restaurant called America. ha!! 

and that was the end of a birthday well spent. Happy 30th!!!

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