Friday, May 3, 2013

chronicles of a chunk: part VII

good god, people! i've been eating like a madwoman. if you could see all of the deliciousness i've consumed over the past year or so, you'd probably picture me as big as Violet from Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory (but please don't actually picture me like that because it'll make me sad. ha!). you can probably see a lot of it via Instagram. it's truly ridiculous. after having scoped his dad's Instagram feed, my boss' son has said "dad, who's 'always_awesome'? that person must be fat because all they ever post is pictures of food." aaaaand i can't say that he's wrong. for nearly a solid year i've paid little attention to health foods and have eaten anything and everything i've felt like. like, it's to the point where i don't even have cravings anymore. i eat so much yumminess that i rarely really feel like a specific food because i've probably eaten it in recent time. i've been indulging often and working out far less than my intentions, which have lead to more love in my handles. while i like to share love, i could do with less. so i'm pretty fed up with myself at this point and would prefer to feel better in the clothes i wear.

it's been fun, but it's time to buckle down. i've got a wedding in Hawaii to attend as well as a wedding i'm partaking in as bridesmaid in the fall. this means it's get fit time. this means no more porchetta sandwiches from Roli Roti or extravagant five-course meals. if you see me walkin' 'round town with a giant sub sandwich in hand or a macaron, i give you full permission to slap it out of my grasp and onto the ground. and after that, if it looks as if i'm reaching down towards the dirt covered germified grub, you can push me down in the same fashion as you might tip a cow. in fact i not only give you permission, i welcome it and it might provide for a funny story if anybody actually follows through.

with that said, maybe you'll see more cooking from me rather than restaurant posts. they will likely err on the healthier side as i (hopefully) whittle away.

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