Monday, May 13, 2013

recent happenings

after too many years spent not hanging out with the old carpool crew, we all finally got together! for two years through x-ray school, Jeff, Tony, Adrian and i all hung out in compact cars driving to and from Richmond to KPSAHS. each week one of us took the driving responsibility. for two years every single day at least one of them was late and i will never let them live it down. when it was my week to drive i threatened to leave them if they were late, and one time i actually left Tony behind. i can't remember, but i'll bet he just gave up and didn't go to class that day. sounds about right. ironically, this night that we met up, i (for once) was the one who was late. over time these guys became my older brothers. fairly younger than them, i was like the naive, green girl in the car who didn't know movies, music and presidents that they referred to. when you spend hourrrrrs in cramped quarters with three guys, you really get to know each other. i've also gotten to know their wives who are all awesome! it's too bad that we all don't hang out more often, but it was just like old times with these guys.

a bunch of us did the Rave Run (more like the Rave Stroll) in San Jose this past weekend. it sounded like a really fun idea but unfortunately it didn't live up to the hype. the ground was really gravelly and dusty and there were so many effing people that all you could do was walk. it turned out to be pretty uneventful but we still had a decent time overall i suppose. 


you guys! check out Off The Grid Picnic in the Presidio. it's sort of like Off The Grid except half of the vendors on the lawn are that of the farmers market variety and the other half are of local restaurants serving up delicious eats. also there are guys walking around with wagons that bring mimosa kits, beers and wines to you as a "blanket service." it's dog/kid friendly so bring the whole family! it's a great way to spend a day hanging out with people you like, taking your time to just hang out and try a bunch of good food. i personally enjoyed the oxtail over grits from Streatery and the poutine from Fins on the Hoof. favorites like The Creme Brulee Cart and El Porteno are also there. it's waiting there for you every Sunday through October so make sure to check it out at least once! a tip: get there after 1pm when the sun begins to break away the San Francisco clouds. 

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