Friday, June 28, 2013

Mission Peak hike

last weekend Maria and i did the infamous Mission Peak hike in Fremont. there are supposed to be beautiful views at the top of the three mile trek up the mountain but due to the cloudiness i saw absolutely nothing. we climbed up to see a wall of white surrounding us. but no worries, the whole point in doing the hike was more for the sake of hanging out than for views. and let's be honest, how amazing could views of Fremont be anyhow? i imagine a lot of dry earth and low buildings. 

people say this hike is grueling and that your legs feel like jello the following day. but have you seen the massive sturdiness that is my legs? i'm in pretty decent shape as far as being active goes so for me this hike was cake. i felt nothing the following day, which actually made me feel really good. but for anyone who doesn't have muscular stumps for legs and wants to hike to challenge themselves, this is a good way to do it. with no breaks in elevation, this hike is all incline and gets steeper as you ascend. bring a friend who is fun to talk to and it makes it that much easier.....ooorrrr really awkward if you are both trying to talk but are out of breath for the full three miles. at least at the end you can rejoice over the shared triumph that is conquering Mission Peak. and while you're at it you can take the same obligatory photo that has been all over Instagram and other social medias (see first pic) (see last pic. haha.). have fun!

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  1. "i'm in pretty decent shape as far as being active goes so for me this hike was cake."

    You're such an athlete!! xoxo