Thursday, June 27, 2013

yays for gays!!

....and everybody who is in support of love with no boundaries! yesterday we got to be a part of an exciting and enormous leap in history. marriage equality is finally in true existence in California and i am ecstatic! at the gym, while watching coverage of the day's events on the news, i found myself smiling at the posters, hugs and community that was broadcast over tv. and when anybody with a pro-Prop 8 opinion came on, my smile quickly turned upside down. i was visibly bipolar in attitude while jogging on the treadmill. at some point i almost clapped and yelled "YEAH!" but held in my excitement (though in retrospect i really shouldn't have held back. guys do it with sports all the live long day so i should have hollered for gay rights). 

you know, marriage equality was inevitable. too many people were willing to fight the fight until change was upon us for it not to eventually happen. it's actually quite embarrassing how long it took California to catch up to twelve other states and the District of Columbia. in situations like this i'm reminded that living and growing up around the SF Bay Area gives you blinders. when Prop 8 initially passed it was shocking (SHOCKING!!!) to say the least. i'd thought California would hands down be on board with equality but it was evident that the rest of CA (except LA) was far more conservative than my upbringing taught me. but yesterday proved that if you keep fighting for what's right, eventually the truth prevails and humanity wins! 

my boyfriend, who is in Beijing, said that the LGBT community in China was celebrating the win as well. yes, it's just one state in a whole 'nother country but it's part of the journey to a glorious future and a big deal for the LGBT community here in the US as well as their supporters over seas and along with their supporters in general. doesn't it just make you feel all warm and toasty inside? yays!

this is a photo from last year that i took of my friend who has been in a relationship for many years and has regarded his partner as his husband regardless of whether it was accepted. and now (if they choose to) he can legally put that ring to good use!

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