Thursday, November 7, 2013

fire in the sky

i'm not saying that sunsets anywhere else suck, but when i can tell there's going to be a good one, i go to my favorite unobstructed spot and i sort of can't imagine a better sunset anywhere else. there were a ton of cool clouds last evening and it made for an awesome sunset! with the low gray clouds lingering near the water and the bright, colorful clouds in a rising form, it almost looked like an active fire in the sky. 

to be symbolic and metaphoric,  these last two photos remind me that darkness and light coexist. and while darkness has it's place, lightness should be most prevalent. such is life, right? i am lucky to say that the light in my life has by far superceded any darkness. and even in times where dark and light show up at the same time, the light is never too distant. in the same way that i purposefully shot these photos to mostly highlight the bright sky but also show the gray clouds, i choose to live a happy life full of light. it's all up to you how your life ends up. the choices you make and the people you keep can either be your darkness or it can be the light. i hope your lives are bright!

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  1. love this!! the last pic is so awesome, as is your message. happy weekend!