Monday, November 4, 2013


i'm not usually big on Halloween festivities because 1) i don't like spending $50+ on a stupid costume i'm never going to wear again and 2) i refuse to be something generic but sexy (like a sexy mouse or a sexy bumble bee). however this year's Halloween appealed to me because...well...i had nothing better to do and had a few invites out. i figured why not so long as i could find a costume that wouldn't cost a lot of money and would be unique and hilarious. last year i was Ms. Swan from MADtv. this year i was a 90's school picture, specifically wallet sized. i can't take all the credit though. my cousin made the backdrop for her halloween costume last year and i just recycled it and pepped it up a bit. 

the backdrop was really hard to keep straight all night. dancing in it was sort of hysterical though. 

remember writing on the back of your pictures when you handed them out to your friends? haha
KIT=keep in touch
LYLAS=love ya like a sis

thursday night (actual Halloween night) i went out with Lorraine, Tan and Nicole for a pubcrawl in the Marina.
Nicole was Daria

fanny pack! so convenient. i wish they were still 'in.'

Tan was an old school bartender. Lorraine was a happy old school ghost. haha

i spent friday night with a bunch of zombies. the whole zombie thing actually freaks me out so i refused to be one myself. instead i went with the same costume and looked totally out of place. considering i was 11th wheel, it made a lot of sense for me to be out of place anyhow.
looks like i photobombed!

Jeff, photobombing my school pic

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  1. i loved this as soon as i saw it on insta. that is a hell of a fun top you're wearing!! :)