Tuesday, February 25, 2014

flour + water

Flour + Water, an Italian restaurant known for pasta and pizza (but what Italian restaurant isn't?). it's definitely on the pricier side for small plates of pasta and thin slices of pizza. while we all know that pasta dough and pizza dough is essentially just flour + water, it's almost a slap in the face deliberately noting upon entry of the restaurant that you are about to pay a hefty amount of money for something that's base is flour (cheap) and water (cheap...monetarily anyway. right now with this lack of rain California is having, it's scarcity increases it's value otherwise). still, people flock to this place (myself included) but why? welllll, because it's delicious! i can only speak for the pasta as that's all i've tried thus far but every dish i had was excellent. the pasta is masterfully crafted and cooked to a perfect al dente. dressed with varying compliments to the pastas, there's something for everybody to like.

side note: can i just say that i get that Italian restaurants want to be authentic and use the correct terminology for their pastas but seriously, it's impossible to get a good grasp on  what these words indicate. howsabout using parenthesis under the ever-so-hard-to-decipher names with words like 'ravioli-ish,' 'maggot shaped,' or 'cone shaped,' hmm? 

romanesco cappalletti with anchovies, capers and garlic
the pasta is delicate and fragile forming a pocket holding the light pillow of romanesco. you definitely have to like the unique tastes of capers and anchovies to enjoy this dish. good thing i do!

cavattelli with lamb ragu, egg yolk, mint and breadcrumbs
hearty and deep in flavor, this is a verrrry rich pasta. the mint cuts through it a bit but maybe not quite enough. the texture of the pasta itself provides for a nice chew and the breadcrumbs give it a good dash of crunch. i will say that i am not a fan of the visual element of the shape of pasta. sooooorta looks like maggots, no? 

cappellacci dei briganti with hen polpettini and puntarelle
light little cones of pasta served with hen meatballs and mushrooms. a solid, simple dish. 

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