Friday, February 28, 2014


aliment is a no frills establishment. i would consider the decor simple and crisp. the host and server were friendly and genuine. this leads me to believe that they just want the food to speak for itself (which it does)!   I thoroughly enjoyed my meal here and encourage anybody who just wants a good meal to find their way there!

fried brussel sprouts with fish sauce caramel. nori. sesame seeds.
caramelized fish sauce? really? i honestly wasn't sure what to expect with this but i figured that screwing up brussel sprouts would be a pretty hard task, so we gave it a go. lemme tell you, these guys were so tasty! the caramelized fish sauce gave it a familiar sweetness that matched well with the bitter brussel sprout leaves. surprisingly the best dish of the night! i was popping these in my mouth like they were candy!

seared diver scallops. crispy red quinoa. green thai curry. pickled shallots.
hearty portioned, well cooked, fresh scallops in earthy curry. no complaints here!

burger on brioche. bacon jam. white cheddar aioli.
the burger itself was pretty salty however it was balanced by the bun which was extra sweet. the bread almost tasted more like a hawaiian sweet roll than a buttery brioche. overall, the flavors all worked well together. the fries look to be of the kennebec variety, which usually come pretty crispy but these were almost soggy. not a problem for me, as i actually prefer soggy fries.

braised short rib. broccoli di ciccio. turnip graten
a simply good short rib dish. it's hard to go wrong with short rib.

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