Monday, March 31, 2014

How I Met Your Mother series finale

i had no intention of writing a blog post about the series finale of How I Met Your Mother but following the last episode, i feel compelled to. i mean i spent nine years watching these people, causing me to become attached to the characters as if they're people i know. sounds crazy but i know you know what i mean. first it was FRIENDS and now HIMYM. who is going to fill this void for the next decade? it's the end of an era!!

this is not thought out, so i'm just going to write it in the manner of free writing. there were a lot of theories thrown about the internets and blogosphere about the series ending. the two main ones were that 1) the mother is dead and that's why Ted's telling the story to his children and that if #1 is true then 2) Robin and Ted finally become Robin & Ted for the duration of the rest of their lives. in the last five minutes of the series we find that both of these theories have proven to be true. when i first heard about the idea of the Mother being dead, i didn't care for it much but it also didn't bother me. sure, of course after having lost your mother you'd want to hear about her life. it's the second one i was a little more iffy on. admittedly, after maybe the second or third time Ted realized he was still in love with Robin, i wanted the show to call it quits on the two of them potentially ending up together. especially after Robin got together with Barney, broke up, made up and they then got engaged, it almost seemed incestuous that Ted should want to be with Robin anymore. the moment the kids shouted that "the reason why you're telling us this story isn't because you want to talk about how you met mom, it's because you want to be with Aunt Robin," i felt an immediate disappointment. but after a little denial and banter between Ted and his kids, i began to accept it and in the final scene where Ted shows up at Robin's apartment with the blue french horn, i found myself fully embracing the idea again. it was a supremely cheesy way of ending the series exactly the way it began but y'know what? there's a lot of cheesiness in that show which probably has a lot to do with why i loved it so much. and while it was definitely a cheese-filled ending, it also was a good representation of reality between friends and relationships. Marshall and Lily are to become parents to their third child and Marshall finally gets his turn at being judge (Judge Fudge) before he runs for Supreme Court. Barney and Robin end up getting divorced after three years, which seems sad and was difficult but at the end of the day they just weren't meant to be together. Barney goes back to his old ways until he father's a little baby girl. upon seeing her he falls madly in love and declares that from that moment on everything he does and has is for her. ironic, huh? and a very sweet way to show you that at the end of the day he does value at least one female in his life. Ted found someone who he truly loved and got to have children but sometimes sickness and death approaches and you have to move forward. he then fiiiiinally ends up with Robin. varying experiences and outcomes. i wasn't sure that i was going to like the last episode. the whole ninth season was located in Farhampton, an unfamiliar place which makes the audience feel slightly uneasy considering that for eight years we've mostly seen them at the apartment, MacLarens, or Ranjit's vehicle of choice per episode. it was pretty disappointing that we were transported to another place for the duration of nearly a whole season, which took place over the course of one weekend and culminated into Robin and Barney's wedding, only for them to get divorced in the finale. i'm really happy that the final episode was filmed mostly at the apartment and at MacLarens to make the audience feel like we were leaving in comfort knowing that their friendships are solid and to a degree things will always bring them together. i think the final episode was smart. it delved into the complications and realities of relationships but at the end it made you feel like everybody was going to be okay. what a fucking roller coaster of emotions! but that's life right?

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