Thursday, March 6, 2014

Muri's RATCHETlorette

Karl is getting Muri'd (Karl is getting married to Muri) in less than a couple months! we celebrated with her bachelorette party in Vegas (as most do!) and dubbed it a RATCHETlorette because seems that word has become quite popular and fitting for how people are "supposed" to act in Vegas. responsibilities go out the door and debauchery ensues. classy in life, ratchet for the weekend. though i wouldn't say anybody in this group of girls could ever really be considered ratchet. we're too old for that. fun times were had though! here's a snippet into the weekend...

ironic. the only reason why she could even hop into the heel is because she's wearing flats.

outside of Marquee with these pretty ladies

what a beautiful blushing pre-bride! errrrr maybe it's more like she makes people blush with those girls all out. haha!

someone made it rain on Muri and then promptly took the money back. what can i say? the chinese don't just give away their money.

what guys think girls do during sleepovers, minus the pillow fight.

we all took a shot at being reeeeaaaaally awesome (in the most comical way) on that pole. twerk attempts and endless pole fails.

#sexyFAIL #aintnoworriesKarl #nobodywantsthat

dinner at Olives with a great view of the Bellagio fountain, which also resulted in sprinkles every fifteen minutes.

daaaaamn! Special Friend lookin' all model hot.

girls, girls, girls! 
yep, i'm already in my foldable flats. told you it was a ratchetlorette. just living up to the weekend's motto. 

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