Sunday, April 20, 2014

Bespoke Doughnuts

Bespoke Doughnuts is a pop-up serving fancy pants doughnuts and i am all over it! once i found out about these beautiful little pockets of tastiness i made it a mission to find them to partake in some indulgence. just look at them! it's hard not to want them, right? they come at a fairly hefty price of $14 for the flight of three and they are pretty small (smaller than my palms and for size reference my friends call my hands paws so they're pretty little) but they're gooood! and let's be real, nearly everything you purchase is mostly due to the packaging and sales tactics anyhow, right? i mean they list mint as "mint chiffonade" which makes it sound far more enticing than it is because in reality 'chiffonade' just means that it's been cut into thin strips. but did that make me feel like i was spending my money more wisely than if they'd just listed "herb of some kind?" yes, yes indeed. they're plated and done up to look really pretty, which i'm a sucker for. and just in case you care about how they taste, they're great! fun and inventive. it also helps that the boys cooking up these doughnuts fresh for you are easy on the eyes in their suspenders and bow ties. 

hey, sweet thang!

"s'more"-dark chocolate custard, honey cocoa glaze, graham cracker crumble, toasted marshmallow fluff, chocolate drizzle
this is everything you would imagine it to be. an especially rich, chocolately heaven with the nostalgic flavors of marshmallow and graham to match. the crumble really gives it a nice balance of texture and the extra drizzle of chocolate sends it over the top.

"just beet it"- roasted beet filling, dill and taragon pesto dip, arugula, pickled beets and toasted walnuts
you know what this reminds me of? during brunch at Bar Tartine they've got these potato flatbreads that are deep fried. there is typically a sweet option and a savory option and this beet doughnut completely made me think of their sunday special. i loved the pairing of beets with pesto. it's not something i would've ever thought up but after tasting the combo it makes a lot of sense. a little bitter, a little sweet. this was my favorite of the three doughnuts probably because it was the most inventive.

"berry delicious"- strawberry/blackberry jam, meyer lemon glaze, fresh strawberries/blueberries/mint, strawberry powder meringue 
this isn't too far fetched from the idea of a standard jelly filled doughnut but the mint and meyer lemon glaze gave it an appreciated little pop of brightness and the meringues were a great texture accompaniment. 

currently they are at Melange Market on saturdays from 10am until they sell out and at Beaux on sundays from 1-6pm.

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