Friday, December 23, 2011

radiology holiday party

once again, my coworkers are awesome and i'm happy to call them my friends. our work had a holiday party at Circolo, thanks to the generosity of our radiologists. while i had a load of fun, it was an incredibly short night for me. i drank too much too soon and found myself home by 10pm. the next day and the next couple of weeks i heard stories from the night through others, not remembering a whole lot myself. but it looks like a had a good time!!! and it seems everybody else did i hear!!

boss man!! finally, a decent picture of him, even though he's not looking at the camera. at the christmas party last year he and i had a funny screaming match  conversation about what crew was better. i say Super Crew is the best crew Kaiser SF has ever seen. he begs to differ. he says that his crew (including Ron) was the best. but there's no way they could be quick on their feet. no way jose! Super Crew is unmatched!

i don't even really remember this, soooo at this point i've already had too much. you can see on my face how much i love alcohol.

Natasha's signature move!!

SUPER CREW!!! we're missing quite a few people here

everybody trying to recreate "Regina's signature move," which doesn't actually exist. it's not a move. it's just the way i dance, damnit!!

look at them all pretty!

damn Irovy!! taking all the spotlight from Ebony!

she doesn't remember much either. haha!

so done! ready to keep my eyes closed for the next ten hours.

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