Tuesday, December 20, 2011


dear regina,

2011 was an interesting year, wouldn't you say? as you sit and ponder everything that was 2011, you'll quickly realize that you have no idea what happened in your 27th year of life because you've never been good at remembering dates for things. in fact, every time you retell a childhood story you always say that you were "somewhere between the ages of 8 and 10" because you truly have no idea when the story actually happened. and any more recent story instantly becomes "a couple of years ago." anyway, your 27th year has been the biggest of your life thus far and i'm going to remind you of it in all it's glory.

2011 started off really well. all things were looking up and nothing could stop you!

it was the year of seconds. you completed your second 100 mile bike ride through Marin and Sonoma. that was a bitch, remember? you probably don't want to do that for a third time in 2012. but knowing you, you just might just to say that you did. you surprised yourself when you easily ran your second half marathon without training very much. you felt awesome that day! oh! and you can't forget Thailand for the second time! that was one of the best trips you've ever taken and hopefully have ever taken. that time when the elephant guide sang In The Jungle to you! that panang curry! oh and that roti! ooohh the roti! the best massages of your life! seriously $7 for two hours? the culture! the trannies that looked better than you ever will! the bluest water you've ever seen! that time you got stuck on a boat in the pouring rain! that craaaaaazy bike ride through the streets and alley ways of Bangkok! aren't you amazed you survived that one? (Thailand part: IIIIIIIVV)

it was a year of new skills. remember all that stress you went through when you trained for CT? you've always been the type to feel as though you don't know anything at all unless you are sure you've got the ability to execute something with at least 85% confidence. plus, you just don't like looking stupid and getting yelled at. you never knew stress until you went through CT training. you finally realized why people make use of happy hour. at work, usually all of the hours are happy hours because you like  your coworkers and your job. BUT while you were in CT training, none of those hours were particularly awesome. man, were those some stressful days, or what? you baked a lot during that time. it calms you. but look at where you are now! you're a CT tech! you already felt like you were helping others as an x-ray tech, but now you feel like you're doing even more for the world! cheers to having a meaningful job where everyday you feel like you've affected somebody's life in a positive way!

oh, you know what else you did that is pretty awesome? you helped Jess raise $400 for the Leukemia Lymphoma Society via your baked goods! you and Kim did yourselves proud. plus you spent a beautiful sunny day at your favorite park with some of your best friends. seriously, that had to be one of the best days of 2011.

remember one of the most memorable meals of your life? y'know.....Flag Day 2011 at Cyrus? man was that an epic meal! and your company was fun too! i hope that crazy good eats are still prevalent in your life. i know you've been cooking more, but every so often you've got to treat yourself to some true food art. you and Helen are still doing the Flag Day thing, aren't you?

this year you went from being a semi-adult to a real adult. i mean, you got your first checkbook and started actually putting those checks to use soooo that qualifies as adult actions, right? there's something else you did in your 27th year that was pretty important too, wasn't there? hmm...what was it? oh yeah! YOU BOUGHT A HOUSE!!! thus far, it's pretty much the greatest accomplishment you've achieved ever. well that, and breaking six, which was inevitable. you went through so. much. paperwork. and grew to understand what real stress is like. buying a house is no joke. it caused so much anxiety that you said you were going to live in this house forever so as not to have to go through the stresses of purchasing property again. but i'm sure that's a lie. you'll want another property eventually. but let's say it again! YOU. yes YOU! bought a friggin house at the age of 27!! not with a dual income. by yourself!! you rock for that! of course you've got to thank your parents for leading you in the right direction to make beneficial choices like that. but at the end of the day you're the one making those mortgage payments. at 27. i believe that makes you a certifiable true adult. it won't be your last accomplishment though. no way.

your 27th year was looking good. nothing but ups happened. but december was humbling. december showed you that you can't always stay high. you've got to hit some lows to bring you back down and make you appreciate the good times. in december you decided to end a relationship with someone who you loved and cared deeply for. it was very adult for the two of you to come to the decision you did and you're overall glad that you can still call him a friend. i hope that you are still friends in the truest form. it wasn't easy and especially through the holidays, it was difficult not to share them together. but again, you guys made the right choice. cheers to friendship.

somehow the saying "when it rains it pours" seems to be pretty accurate in your life. this isn't the first time multiple things have come apart all at once. i think it's the universe showing you that you're strong and can handle a lot. december is also when you lost your yeh-yeh. his health was already depleting throughout the year but you thought he had another year in him. you saw your parents and your aunt and uncle by his side every weekend. you hoped that he wasn't ready to leave this earth. but once you heard that he heard grandma asking him to join her, he had made up his mind. he lived a full life, fathering six children who have given him plenty of grandchildren. he even lived to be a great grandfather to two boys. remember how he always used to be the sharpest dressed grandpa in the room? he wore kangols and aviator sunglasses before they were cool. every time you walked into a chinese restaurant someone from the restaurant knew him. and at dessert your table didn't just have the red bean soup.  when dessert rolled around there were seven different assortments brought out because everybody loves your yeh-yeh. he was generous towards everybody and always had a big smile on his face. it's too bad that he had to go, but alas, he's in a better place now with grandma.

the end of 2011 was a confusing time. holiday season is supposed to be full of friends and family, laughter and joy. this holiday season had all of those elements, but tossed in was some pain and a lot of crying. it's a good thing you've got a strong family foundation and friends that you will never lose. at the end of the day, could you ask for anything more?

2012 is on it's way and it should be a good one! make time to travel. maybe you can cross something off of your list! Australia perhaps. please enjoy the house you've earned and decorate the hell out of it. maintain your friendships. you know every single one of those people are more than awesome! make new friends! and continue to love your job! eat delicious things and spend more time with your awesome family! 2012, here i come!


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  1. What a beautiful and eloquent post Regina! I am sorry to hear about the loss of your grandfather. Losing a grandparent is never easy and I especially feel for your loss at this time- the holidays. I hope that you and your family will be able to find peace this Christmas in your memories as a family. I have to tell you, my grandfather passed before my grandma and ironically, my grandmother said the same thing that your grandpa did... she said "grandpa is ready for me now." Those words brought me to a new spiritual level and have allowed me to grieve with a smile on my face knowing that they are finally back together. That is the purest form of love. Anyways, now that I am crying I just want to add another CONGRATULATIONS on the purchase of your 1st home this past year!!!! You are living the dream friend!!!! Merry Christmas! xoxo