Saturday, December 24, 2011

recent holiday happenings

-------------meet my awesome cousin, Eva! this year she invited me to be a third wheel to her and her boyfriend for her work holiday party. but y'know what? i didn't feel like a third wheel at all. the party was held at the De Young Museum, which was a perfect venue for one of the best holiday parties i could imagine. Twice prior, i've had to opportunity to join Eva at her holiday parties held at Bimbo's and the SF MOMA. seriously, her work throws the best shindigs! first and foremost, they had a toy donation in which each employee contributed to. i think that sets a great tone for everybody. enjoy the night and all it's sparkles but don't forget that there are those less fortunate than you that would appreciate your kindness. anyway, great food, free drinks  and lots of dancing ensued. twas a fun night!
Eva, in all her gorgeousness. 

-------------my family has been meaning to go the Navio at the Ritz Carlton in Half Moon Bay for over a year now. they've got a great brunch buffet overlooking the ocean. the brunch includes three selections of caviar, a seafood bar, a sushi bar, a cheese section, a fine meats section, a breakfast section, a hot food section, a bread section, a salad section, and we cant forget the dessert section. oh. my. god! the desserts!! i truly wish i'd taken pictures of the food there. most things were presented in single servings on their own little dishes. it was classy and everything was quality. i would absolutely come back, although it'd have to be for a special occasion, as after tip it was nearly $110 a person. 

my pops and my mom.

myself and my brother Jerome, or Jerm, or Jermy. his real name is Jeremy.

chinese guys don't know how to smile in pictures. it's a fact.

--------------last weekend some of my closest friends and i had a potluck. it's rare that we all get together so this season i wanted to host a small potluck at my place. these people are a part of a group of friends i consider my backbone (well, them and my family of course). we've all been friends since high school and some of us go as far back as elementary school. though we don't all see each other all the time or keep in constant contact, any time we get together it's like nothing has changed. it's always a good time and i wouldn't trade my friendship with any of them for the world. 

 Martin, Justin, Trina,  Jess, Brandon, Kim, Pat, Jenny

----------------------------------oh! and that tree we're standing in front of is my very first real christmas tree EVER! see, as a kid my parents never really made christmas a huge deal. when i was little i remember having a fake christmas tree that we strung lights on, placed ornaments and threw tinsel over. after a couple of years the tree suddenly became a fake tree with the lights already attached to it. then a couple years later the house demoted it's tree spot to a cardboard pretend chimney. but not like this one. it was more like cardboard with brick printed on it that we just positioned to stick out of the wall so that we could put our presents inside. then sooner or later christmas sorta just went away all together. i had always loved looking at houses decorated all christmassy and swore that when i got older i'd decorate the house inside and outside. santa on the rooftop, colorful lights brightening up the street, and stunning icicles. an insane amount of ornaments and presents spilling all over the floor. well so far that's a no go.

one day i was talking to my roommate, Fern, about how i didn't have the money or the time this year to invest in christmas decorations. then i went on to talk about how i've never had a real christmas tree. one day after work i came home at midnight and it looked like the lights in the house were still on. i came upstairs to find a christmas tree stringed with lights!! Fern knew i was having that potluck and wanted there to be a little bit of christmas spirit running through the house. isn't that thoughtful of him? 

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