Thursday, December 22, 2011

super crew christmas dinner!

most of my coworkers are awesome. but some of them are extra awesome and we immaturely dubbed ourselves "super crew." we decided to have a nice dinner for the holiday season to celebrate true friendships in the workplace. Alexander's was the restaurant of choice because who doesn't love a giant steak and spending too much money on food? anyway, on a more serious note, my coworkers are rad (pun intended because we're RADiologic technologists)! i couldn't imagine going to work everyday without seeing at least one of these people. they are hard working, awesome and most importantly funny. seriously, when most of us are together at work the job gets done effortlessly and we are laughing the whole way through. i heart these people! 

Natasha, Ruby, myself and Lana (who is now missed and spending her time in Vallejo)

Edgar, Ron, Tan, and Hong

Hong, Nick and Tom

 that's Jinsun (the boss) over there. 

aaaaaand on to food. i've wanted to go to Alexander's for years now. i never had the opportunity to go to the Cupertino location so i suggested it for this dinner.
amuse bouche. i can't remember what kinda fish that was, but it was good!

awe yeah! hamachi shooters!

seared foie gras with mushrooms. i sort of wish i just ordered three of these for dinner and didn't have to share it with everybody.

palate cleanser

Tan and i shared two entrees because i like variety like that.
lobster with uni risotto. for me, this dish was just okay because the uni made the risotto taste uber fishy and i'm not into that at all.

ribeye. perfectly tender and oh so yums.

shrooms. the healthy kind. not the high kind.

brussel sprouts. 

truffle fries! these were good but i think i'd been drinking a good amount and can't fully remember them!! =(

it was Ron's bday a couple days prior so we sang Happy Birthday.

again, i'd been drinking a good amount by the time dessert rolled around so i can't remember whether these were just good or whether they were amazing. but they're pretty, aren't they?
chocolate somethin' somethin'.

science experiment dessert.

"hello my friend!" these poor fools miss each other so much!

after dinner we went to 330 Ritch to dance the night away. i was the perfect amount of drunk and had a good time but was ready to go. lucky for us Hong was kind enough to drive Natasha and i out of his way to a McDonald's because McDonald's is the best at 2 in the AM. excited for Micky D's, holding two bags of food, i drastically tripped on the way upstairs. with my arms held up in the air (for who knows what reason) Natasha says "watch out, the bag ripped!" as i replied "no it's not!" the bag rips in half and there is an explosion of fries everywhere. i literally screamed "NOOOOO!!!! wait! no!!! not the fries!!" and we started laughing our heads off. my roommate came downstairs to check on all the ruckus only to find us sitting in a pile of fries. there's no room for judgement here on this blog, so i will tell you now that we totally ate the fries. or maybe i shouldn't bring Natasha down with me, so i'll say definitively that i absolutely ate the fries!

good friends, good times!!

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