Tuesday, August 27, 2013

a profound moment with a stranger

today i woke up early to try and get to Diamond Head before the crowds started amassing. the 23 bus ran late so i didn't make it there until nearly 8am. with all of this solo time i have here in Hawaii, i find myself chatting with random people for the sake of testing out whether i still have an actual voice or not. don't get me wrong, i don't mind doing things on my own (otherwise i would've never booked a flight and hotel before everybody else got here) but after a while you sort of need some real human interaction. if i were ever on a deserted island i would surely go bananas in less than a week.

right after having gotten off the bus i noticed a girl making her way up towards the Diamond Head trail by herself and asked if she wanted company for the trek up. she is a transfer student from Woodstock, NY who for the first time touched down on Hawaiian land on saturday and had her first class yesterday. she is full of life and curiosity. her parents are of the "be free my child" (her words, not mine) ideal which makes sense considering they met at The Who concert and moved to Woodstock (yes, THE Woodstock, of debaucherous concert fame). when we got up to the top she continuously spoke in a soft humbled tone saying things like "this is amazing! when you see something like this all the pain and hurt that anybody is going through just leaves for a moment. when such beauty occurs in nature it's hard to remember all the things that make up your crazy life (again, her crazy life, not mine)." i found this to be quite profound for a sophomore college student who came from a tiny town of who's high school graduating class was twelve people. it was definitely a good moment. and after hanging out for a few minutes at the top i found her sitting quietly on a rock somewhere gazing into the horizon. i decided to leave our encounter at that and took a few photos before descending. but what she said was true. it really is hard to be upset about anything when you find yourself in paradise.

**i feel like i just wrote a short cheesy chapter from a novel or something.

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