Sunday, August 4, 2013

Eva's bachelorette in Vegas

Eva's bachelorette party in photos (minus the "what happens in vegas stays in vegas" photos of course)...

destination: Vegas

Libby calls smokey eyed makeup "Panda-chic" haha!

no proper bachelorette is complete without a viewing of the Aussies from Thunder From Down Under. so effing cheesy! and the boys can't dance for shit. more funny than sexy. then off the Tryst.

lunch at Public House. they had a great duck confit poutine 

in silence, this creepy clownish character positioned us for photos

then he positioned us again. i'm not sure if he unsuccessfully tried to pose like us or if he was being creepy, but by the looks of it, i'm going with creepy.

dinner at Bouchon!

seared foie gras, oh you've been missed here in CA! so very buttery good!

split an order of salmon with corn, bacon and clams. soo good!

then a tour of the kitchen!

don't they look marvelous?

pristine and quiet

with Josh Crain (chef de cuisine), Scott Wheatfill (pastry chef) and our tour guide/private party manager

off to XS

with my beautiful cousin/bride to be, who was a trooper for putting up with our scavenger hunt list of things to complete

maid of honor, Evelyn

four smiling heads faces

love Libby! 

 good idea, XS


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