Sunday, August 18, 2013

this week's good times

some of this week's good times captured in pictures

---Lorraine's birthday happy hour(s) at Brickyard. hmm somehow i have zero pictures of the guys in attendance. whoops.

some of the girls, minus Lindsay
Ruby, Muri, Natty, myself and Lorraine

we took some of our x-ray students with us because they're awesome.
Bahar, Stella and Donna...oh, and there's Lindsay hiding in the back

server: who ordered the kamikazes?
me: the two asians at the end of the table. the ones that look the same. you know how they say "all asians look the same? well...there you go! there's some truth to that!"  (but they're sisters sooo...yeah.) they, of course, ordered the kamikazes. 

happy birthday, friend!! love you and how mushy you get on your birthday telling us that you "luh errybody" so much!

quick stop for birthday cupcakes because why not?

---Paint Nite!! so much fun! step-by-step instructed paint session. i chose the ice cream night because food rules my world. why try to copy Monet when my heart lies with ice cream anyhow?

Marjie, Jo, myself

---Wild 94.9's Comedy Jam. i LOVE comedy jam. this is probably my fourth or fifth time attending and it's one of my favorite events to look forward to each year. Angela Johnson of the Vietnamese-nail-salon-bit-fame was my favorite of the night. with Little Lucca sandwiches, snacks, blankets and chairs, we were all ready for a night of laughter!

myself, Marjie, Jinell, Natty

check out the beautiful cotton candy clouds that surrounded the event center 

Uyen stopped by to say hello

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