Thursday, September 5, 2013

hawaii: part II (with familiar faces)

the second portion of this trip surrounded Augs' and Zye's wedding. alas there were familiar faces to hang out with and not just strangers asking "where are you from" and "what have you seen/done." i spent the rest of my trip hanging out with people from back home. 

day 5

#augsandzyeswedding & #mrsandmrsaugs were the instagram/facebook tags that kept appearing on all of the photos and videos people were taking from their trip in Hawaii that was only made possible by the invitation from Augs and Zye for their lovely wedding festivities. what better place than Hawaii to exchange vows? these two got nearly 120 people out to Hawaii for their wedding! can you believe that? that's a crazy number of people for a destination wedding! it just goes to show how much love and support they've got behind them. also, it started to sprinkle at the beginning of the wedding which is supposed to be a sign of good luck. but with eleven years between them, i don't think they need luck. 

check out my riiiide! 

Nick, Pat and i stayed at the same hotel so we got what we thought was going to be a cab to the wedding destination. a limo pulled up instead but we weren't going to complain. same price as a taxi? we'll take it! 

Augs' unofficial, but almost official mom and dad, Linda and Lawrence. 

Alex and Teeny

Fern and Mika 
(boo for blurriness)

Karl and Kris

Marc and Meesh

Jon and Lexer

Laudnel and Muri

Ceaze and Nel

Mark and Trae

ring bearer, Kaleo, and their junior bridesmaids.

yays for gays!! pretty dresses, huh? not often you see two dresses at the alter! the future is here! 

Pat, Nick, myself, Katcha, Darrell

isn't this cute? the bridesmaids and groomsmen got together for a sway session during the couple's first dance

my boos

this family is an unbreakable unit. this is how you feel when you're around them, even from the outside. 

Trae and Tina


hmm i remember this one. the last one. the worst one. the one that sent me home early without saying goodbye to anybody. 

what happens at lesbian weddings: other chicks hook up. haha jk.

day 6

sort of hungover and without a plan, i tagged along with Kris and John back to the east side of the island. with Fern and Bryan in tow, we went back to Cinnamon's for a hearty alcohol soaking breakfast and some beach time. 

loco moco
perfect hangover food. 

back to Lanikai beach

some of the boys

you can't fully tell but i'm pretty burnt already. this day i feared a darker shade of red upon me. 

amazing, or what?

after the beach, Kris, John, Fern and i went back to Waikiki for a sunset cruise on a catamaran. all you can drink bevvies and a relaxing ride out in the ocean to end the day was perfect. except i didn't drink. could. not! two days of heavy alcohol intake is already one too many for me, so i opted to skip the liquor for the rest of the trip.

day 7

my last full day in Hawaii consisted of a second trip to Diamond Head and a Thank You BBQ thrown by the brides. 

we ran into Kim, Dave and Meesh at the top

Bryan, Fern and i went off the trail and onto a platform with an even better view and no obstructions by humans. perfect for panoramic shots! it was Fern's first time using the panorama function on an iphone and somehow Bryan lost a hand in the process. "bro, remember that time we were rebels and went off the trail and then you lost your hand?"

after showering up we headed to Ko Olina for the BBQ. situated right along a lagoon, it was the perfect place to spend a day with friends and family. along with tri tip, poke, and other foods, they had Zippy's cater fried chicken and chili. yum! everybody spent the day playing at the beach. i mainly lounged around afraid of the burning sun. i didn't manage to take many photos that evening though. fail. 

while the guys dunked the other guys into the water, the last dunk of the night was bride on bride. good work! 

day 8

before hopping into another limo ride to the airport, i stopped off at Isayume Musubi for a snack for the plane and Hula Dog for a quick lunch. 

spam musubi and bacon, egg and spam musubi
perfect little snacks

polish dog with mango relish and lilikoi mustard

thanks for the crazy good time, Oahu!
and thanks so much for sharing your amazing day/awesome trip with me, Augs and Zye! 

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