Thursday, September 26, 2013

sunny day: a philosophical journal entry

i was going through a travel journal that i keep and found this random entry i'd written three and a half years ago that has absolutely nothing to do with travel. it was pretty interesting to read as it's my very own words from years prior. i don't think there was anything that sparked this entry except that it was a super sunny day out and sometimes on sunny days i can't help but feel especially light and happy. apparently on this day i felt semi-philosophical too. i definitely still feel the same as i did three and a half years ago. there are no highs without lows and the world would be non-functionting without the yin and the yang (which i wrote as "ying and yang." oops!). 

side note: i mention Blockbuster, which is such a thing of the past....

well ain't that the truth!! 

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