Monday, September 30, 2013

Eva and Jared's wedding

this past weekend i got to witness and be a part of the unification of one of my most favorite people on this earth with her favorite person, Eva and Jared. she is one of the most caring, considerate and kind people i know and she met someone who can reciprocate of those things for her as well. i've seen their relationship develop and have seen them grow into a great couple meant to spend the rest of their lives together.

they had a beautiful wedding on a winery in Hopland, CA. the wedding details were super personalized and crazy awesome. you can think of this wedding as the epitome of a crafty "Etsy wedding." the bridesmaids spent some time doing crafts for the wedding but Eva likely put in twenty times the time and effort that we did and she did an amazing job of executing the little details that people might not even think to incorporate into their wedding. high fives for that! 

here's a recap in photos!

myself and Eva's brothers (my cousins, Eugene and Alvin)
rehearsal dinner at a local pizzeria

the bridesmaids, minus Joni (Eva's now sister-in-law)
note to self: that dress sucks! donate it immediately! i have a fear/disgust with too many little things all in one place and can't believe i allowed that to be on my body. it looks bug-like to me. how oh howww did that happen? 

do-it-yourself photo booth area. Rikki made an awesome photo booth with a screen so that people can take and print their own photos. inside is a DSLR and printer.

this is the backdrop to the photo booth. we made that! the paper squares pop up so it has a 3D effect. pretty cool, yeah?

it's hard to see very well from this photo of a photo but you get the gist. i can't wait to get the digital copies. 

pretty winery backround

nowadays people typically hand out bubbles to celebrate the finalization of "i do's" but Eva put together these flags that say "cheers," "J & E" and "hooray!" as well as these noisemakers.

oh...there are the bubbles! along with fans with the program printed on them. 

Eva crocheted this for the greeting table. cute, huh? note the popcorn she's holding. i'm telling you, it's the little details that really make all of this special!

personalized matchbooks

in place of a guestbook, a poster with animated characters that look like the couple. Jared's sister did a lot of the graphics for their wedding including the save-the-dates and invitations. everything she did was super cute and exactly what i would imagine Eva would want.

these were the pinned onto family members. i've never seen succulents used for such a thing but it was a really unique touch.

Lauren, Evelyn, the beautiful bride and myself.
we made that marquee BLISS sign out of foam core, cardboard, spray paint and stringed lights. pretttty cool, isn't it?

i would say that she was exceptionally beautiful on her wedding day but she's already intensely beautiful every day of her life. what makes her even more awesome is that she's humble about it. still, she could not have looked more gorgeous in that dress!

weather perfect, ceremony short = how a wedding is best enjoyed

next in line! my brother Jeremy and my future sister-in-law Laura are getting married in february! i'm so excited for them! also note my brother's Conan O'brien hair. 

my family
pepper haired dad, the "aunt who's first words were 'where's the booze'," my future sister-in-law, and Chinese Conan. 

the whole Choy side of Eva's family. of course the only white guy in the pic towers over everybody else.

those streams of fabric draped on the ceiling were measured, cut, dyed, sewed and hung by us! lots of work, but the outcome was worth it.

personalized napkins

wedding favors were test tubes filled with tea. great idea. super cute too!

our "place cards," mini baguettes from La Boulange

all smiles!

in lieu of cake there was a dessert table full of small bites all made by Eva's friend Meera. are these pears not the cutest thing ever?

hot chocolate with homemade caramel, mint or plain marshmallows


speech time! Jared let a couple tears flow, which always adds a nice emotional touch!

Evelyn, who was next in line to give her speech said something along the lines of "i can't do this now" with a stream of tears falling down her cheeks. but she did and did an excellent job. 

Eva made the cake topper. adorable!


Eva changed into a very pretty custom made chinese dress. 

Evelyn and i with our gifted flasks full of vodka. salut!

bridesmaids! these two were awesome to share all of the pre-wedding festivities with. bachelorette parties, craft days, wedding days, etc. they are so much fun and just cool people in general. sometimes you're stuck doing things with people you don't really care for but these two made everything a breeze mostly because they're easy going and funny. awesome good times, guys!

all pink all day!

Libby, Jared, Lindsey, Meera, Sherwin, myself, Lauren
shots of gin with the groom. i'm aware that shots and gin don't belong in the same sentence. but it happened anyway. 

Eva, m'love, i am so very happy for you! twas a beautiful wedding! i hope that all of the late nights and early mornings were worth it because the little details of your wedding made it extra special. Jared has always been such a good support for you and i'm glad that he's now a part of our family. i love you guys so much! congrats to your forever!


  1. Wow! What a beautiful wedding! All the details were so personal, creative and well made! Your cousin is really talented! Gorgeous.

  2. Many congratulations for your royal wedding. Went for a baby shower of my friend organized by her in laws at one of the spacious event venues Chicago last month. Tables were perfectly set and flower décor made the ambience mind blowing. Liked the theme chosen by them. All the dishes were prepared by quality caterers.