Sunday, September 22, 2013

"you're interesting," except that i'm actually not

it has been brought to my attention quite a few times in my life that i'm "an interesting person." sometimes that's a good thing but sometimes that's a bad thing, no? i'm pretty certain these people don't mean "you're weird" but who knows, i could be wrong. when i've asked what they mean by "you're interesting" they typically say something along the lines of having done a lot of stuff in my life and/or having a lot of things going on all the time. essentially, i'm apparently always out and about doing something. i assume these people mean this in a positive manner and i can only attest based on how they say it. it pretty much sounds like "you do this and that as well as this and that!" while i'm flattered that people think i've got a lot going on in my life, i believe this to be false.

sure, i do a lot of random stuff and like to keep myself entertained with friends, food and activity, but i don't think i partake in more things than anybody else does. if the idea of my supposed interesting life is based on instagram photos or the things i say on a facebook feed, then you are surely mistaken, Good Sir or Madam! for every photo you see of me doing something awesome, there are many more hours i spend just sitting on the couch watching tv. you can ask my roommates. they often come home to find me knocked out on the couch after having depleted my dvr capacity down to 5%. i quite frequently decline late nights at the bar in exchange for pajamas and a whole lot of nothingness. while some people play instruments, are in sports leagues or have a passionate hobby, i can't say that i even slightly dabble in those things. i wouldn't say that i travel more than others, am more knowledgeable than others (quite the contrary, actually), or am particularly great at any one thing. so how in the world am i so misconstrued as "interesting?"

my personal guess on why anyone would ever think of me as a subject of interest is simply because i have an opinion and am not one to withhold my thoughts. also, i think my blunt honesty and unapologetic sarcasm is sometimes refreshing to people in a world where so many are afraid of what others will think of them. it's not because i eat deliciously, attend random events, or share awesome times with friends that makes me interesting. i'm pretty sure it's more so about what i have to say and how i go about saying it that brings about any intrigue. my life is not more fun or more amazing than yours. bottom line is that i just like to talk a lot and i guess people find themselves wanting to listen. =)

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