Wednesday, October 9, 2013


what the hell, my head is looking enormous and bobble-ish!

Helen and i have wanted to go to Acquerello for a while now but have been waiting for a justified reason for going to such a fancy restaurant. lucky for us, a sister restaurant has recently popped up called 1760 which is a more bistro like environment. being the sister restaurant to Acquerello was already hype enough for me to get excited about 1760 but then i learned that the chef,  prior to coming to SF, worked with Michael Voltaggio (of Top Chef fame) at Ink as well. i had high hopes for 1760 and i'm happy to say that they delivered. aside from such well conceptualized and executed food, the ambiance is sleek and unpretentious and the service was stellar. the staff, from the host to the busboy, were super friendly and made the experience even more pleasurable. i cannot wait to go back!  

lobster ceviche. caramelized coconut. pineapple. corriander.
there were so many flavors in this dish. it had a little bit of kick to it, but was balanced with the sour note from the lime, the sweet note from the pineapple and the creaminess of the coconut. i lovvvved this!

beef tartare. marcona almond. herbs. chile.
that is some seriously marbled beef. again, great flavor combinations. mint, basil, asian pear, and marcona almond butter. fantastic dish! 

brussel sprouts. egg yolk. crispy onion.
you can never go wrong with brussel sprouts. crazy how as a child these were repulsive but as an adult they're the greatest vegetable of all vegetables. 

bucatini. uni. breadcrumbs.
the breadcrumbs gave this dish a nice texture contrast to the uni. an overall very well done dish, though it could've used a little bit more salt. 

peanut butter panna cotta. berry jam. milk crumb.
didn't love this. the milk crumb was good but the panna cotta itself was just okay. 

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