Saturday, October 5, 2013

"you laugh until you cry, you cry until you laugh"

- Regina Spektor, On The Radio

if i were ever to get a tatoo, "laugh until you cry, cry until you laugh" would be etched down my spine. these are words that i live by. the message in these words is simple: just feel uninhibitedly. allow yourself to laugh uncontrollably until tears peek out from the corners of your eyes. and conversely if you find yourself in a situation that requires a full box of Kleenex and a stream of tears to rush down your face, then please do so. cry until you feel you can't anymore. eventually things get better and genuine laughter comes back to life.

people often hide behind their pride or ego and don't make themselves available or vulnerable to others. be silly. be goofy. look stupid. smile frequently. frown if need be. ask for a shoulder to cry on. tell them the truth. be whatever it is you're feeling at any given time. let it show. i'm not saying this is a pass to be overly eccentric. i'm just saying that personally, i feel the only way to be happy at the end of your life is to be your honest self. allowing yourself to feel the highest highs and the lowest lows gives you perspective, humbles you and gives you some quality of life.

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  1. wow. well said. thanks for that! Good to know it's ok to be vulnerable and go from crying to laughing multiple times a day.