Monday, October 7, 2013

three legged dogs

i get that it's a little weird, but i really enjoy it when i see a three legged dog. or a dog with only one eye. or a dog carting it's hind legs in a doggie wheelchair. i would bet that when most people see disabled dogs their minds shoot straight to thoughts of pity. when you see a dog walking about with an extra strange pep in it's step and then realize its missing a leg, you might think it's more difficult for the pup to walk or keep balance. so why do i enjoy seeing them? because rather than pity them i am happy that they have an owner who cares enough about their pet to give a real damn about them. often people treat dogs as if they are simply disposable. dog owners easily have the option to put the dog down rather than spend money on amputation surgery. so when i see a dog with one leg, I know that it's a properly loved dog. 

that's all! just a random thought! 

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