Sunday, October 6, 2013

La Folie for Marjie's birthday

last week i took Marjie out to dinner for her birthday. i selfishly decided on La Folie because i've had it bookmarked for a while and i needed an occasion to justify spending that kind of money on dinner. good thing she was on board, as i knew she would be because she's a serious food lover herself. nearly into her third trimester, i wasn't sure if she was going to be able to eat the best options on the menu but she was fully ready and willing. we opted for the 5 course menu because when dining at a restaurant like this, my motto is "go big or go home!" we shared everything, meaning we each got to try ten dishes. it was an intense few hours of grubbing and i definitely wanted to pop the button on my pants, but it was all worth it! 

1st amuse bouche. can't remember what exactly it was but there is a fennel puree at the bottom

2nd amuse bouche. triple T ranch egg.
rich and creamy with a nice salty potato crisp atop

cauliflower soup with lobster and asian pear
a good cauliflower soup but nothing to write home about

poached octopus and uni salad. avocado mousse and caviar
an earthy dish. i don't love uni but it was prepared quite nicely with the salt in the caviar

goat cheese tatin
this would be my least favorite dish of the night. i'm not sure why i expected something different. when this is what we got, i was disappointed. it tasted fine, but i didn't care for it. 

warm pig feet, sweetbread, and lobster terrine. lentil salad with bacon and hazelnut vinaigrette
the chunks of pig feet were surprisingly quite meaty and there were nice large chunks of lobster as well. this dish was huge for what it was and could have probably been enough for a whole meal for a skinny person. haha. 

seared scallop topped with uni, topped with shaved cured tuna heart, served over squid ink pasta in a lobster broth
best dish of the night! i would have been happy just eating this! the pasta was cooked perfectly and had good flavor, the scallop nice with a slight brininess, mMmm mMmm good!

lobster and mushroom risotto with leeks
a simply good risotto

lamb chop with fava beans and olives. side of figs.
the lamb wasn't too gamey and was cooked perfectly. the chops huge and thick

Miyazaki wagyu beef ($75 supplement) with bone marrow custard, bearnaise croquette and truffle madeira sauce. green beans, mushrooms and pork rind were also on the plate.
lucky for me Marjie is pretty preggers. this means there is only so much room in her belly before she gets uncomfortable. after three courses of food tackled, she couldn't bear committing herself to the fourth dishes. that means i got to eat all of the wagyu myself! yay! selfish, much?

good god this was succulent! i've had my share of wagyu and this ranks in at #2 or #3 for best steak i've ever eaten. it was so incredibly buttery that by the end of this dish it almost felt like my arteries were clogged and failing me. worth heart palpitations? you betcha!!

palate cleanser. can't remember what it was.

some sort of panna cotta, tempura figs, coconut sorbet
except it's not really a panna cotta at all. if anything the cylindrical thing tasted like canned cranberry sauce. i did not enjoy this dessert. total miss for me.

Edam cheese souffle, fromage blanc sorbet, crispy bacon
delish! it tasted like a fluffy cheez-it, in a good way. my only qualm with this thing was that it's literally no more than four spoonfuls. if you notice, that mug is smaller than the width of a lemon slice!

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